MCA – DAP’s Trojan Horse in Barisan Nasional

 |Jan 25, 2017
MCA president Liow Tiong Lai speaks DAP's language.
MCA president Liow Tiong Lai speaks DAP’s language.

The MCA president Liow Tiong Lai said he was not anti-Islam but his party was going to vote against the Sharia Amendment Bill, a.k.a. RUU355, although he confessed he had absolutely no idea regarding the details of the bill.

Liow gave his reasons why MCA was opposed to the Bill:

RUU355 violates the Federal Constitution of Malaysia.

The passing of this bill will elevate the status of the sharia courts to that of the civil or common law courts – or may even make the sharia courts above civil or common law courts.

RUU355 jeopardises national unity and compromises nation-building.

More DAP than DAP

I suspect Lim Kit Siang or his people must have prepared Liow’s script because this was exactly what someone from DAP would say.

This just proves that MCA was competing with DAP to see who can be more Chinese.

Whatever DAP does MCA can do better.

Whatever DAP says MCA can say more.

How stupid DAP can be MCA can be even more stupid.

Sigh…why don’t MCA just leave Barisan Nasional and go join Pakatan Harapan and once and for all be done with it?

After all, Liow said, “MCA is prepared to oppose the proposed amendments to the Shariah Courts Criminal Jurisdiction Act 1965 in the Dewan Rakyat, even if it jeopardises the ruling coalition.”

So just go, “berambus” (get lost) now, and save everyone a lot of grief.

Freedom of opinion and speech is fine.

You even have freedom to be an idiot if that is what you want to be.

But Liow’s statement is making Chinese stupid.

It is bad enough many Chinese do not even know how to speak the national language properly.

Now you are making them even more ignorant with your ignorant statements.

MCA’s nonsense

On Liow’s point number one: in what way does RUU355 violate the Federal Constitution of Malaysia?

Which article in the constitution does it violate?

On the second point, Mahathir Mohamad already elevated the status of the sharia courts to that of the civil or common law courts when he was prime minister.

Did Liow not know that?

How the hell can he become the president of MCA if he does not even know a fundamental thing like that?

Is MCA so desperate and lacks people who can lead it that it had to elect an idiot as a president.

This is one of the issues against Mahathir.

He elevated the status of the sharia courts to that of the civil or common law courts and now there is a problem of jurisdiction: such as when one spouse is Muslim and another is non-Muslim and they divorce or have a child custody battle then which court do they go to (and what happens when the two courts come out with conflicting rulings)?

This is the problem that Malaysia is currently facing and it is Mahathir and not RUU355 that caused this problem.

President of MCA should know this and should explain this to his Chinese people instead of confusing them further with nonsense.

On Liow’s third point: in what way does RUU355 jeopardise national unity and compromise nation-building?

Please explain!

Many Chinese don't even know to speak Malay language, neither try to learn it, but they have had been anti-BN government for a long while now.
Many Chinese don’t even know to speak Malay language, neither try to learn it, but they have had been anti-BN government for a long while now.

What does, in fact, jeopardise national unity and compromises nation-building is DAP and MCA saying that they needed Chinese schools because the government schools were very low standard.

They are in essence telling the Chinese to boycott government schools and go to Chinese schools.

Then, not enough do they demand that the government set up Chinese schools, they also set up private Chinese schools and complain that the Chinese are being discriminated against because the government refuses to finance private Chinese schools.

Not even in the UK does the government finance private schools.

Private schools are private schools and that is why they cost a lot of money to enter: because they are private schools and get no government funding.

By playing up this issue of no funding for private Chinese schools, it makes it appear like the ‘Malay’ government is discriminating against the Chinese.

Even the western media that does not understand this issue, and picks up what MCA and DAP say, report about Malaysia discriminating against the Chinese.

That is what jeopardises national unity and compromises nation-building.


MCA thinks that Umno was weak and was in trouble because Mahathir was going all out to try to destroy Umno.

Hence MCA wants to take this opportunity to blackmail Umno.

We know that in 2008 and 2013, the only way 90% of the Chinese could have voted opposition would be because MCA members and supporters also voted opposition.

If just DAP members and supporters voted opposition how can it have been 90% Chinese voters?

In the 2008 general election, 3.8 million Malaysians voted opposition.

In 2013, it increased to 4.9 million.

And 90% of the Chinese voted against the government.

Now tell me, do you need to be a maths genius from a Chinese school to know that this can only happen if MCA people voted against the government as well?

So, MCA threatens that if RUU355 was passed this may break up Barisan Nasional.


Then let Barisan Nasional be an Umno-Malay-led coalition while Pakatan Harapan can become a DAP-MCA-Chinese led coalition.

Then at least the political divide would be much clearer and there will no longer be any confusion as to whether MCA was with the government or MCA was a DAP Trojan Horse. – Malaysia Today

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