MCA dances to DAP’s tunes

 |Nov 30, 2016
DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang (left) and MCA president Liow Tiong Lai.
DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang (left) and MCA president Liow Tiong Lai.

Why is Lim Kit Siang angry?

Why is the MCA President not angry instead?

It should be Liow Tiong Lai instead of Lim Kit Siang who should be angry since the article exposes the fact that MCA is DAP’s running dog (or MCA is DAP’s bitch, as they would say in America).

Well, the reason that Lim Kit Siang is angry was because DAP had been blackmailing MCA and blackmail works only if the threat remains a threat.

Once it has been exposed it would become ineffective and you can no longer use that threat.

DAP was able to control MCA and make it do what DAP wants it to do because of the threat hanging over MCA’s head.

Basically, the potential for the three main Chinese parties — MCA, Gerakan and DAP — is 45-46 seats.

These three parties cannot win in the Malay heartland and now it appears they have problems winning enough seats in East Malaysia as well (since the voters in Sabah and Sarawak prefer local-born parties rather than ‘federal’ parties like MCA, Gerakan and DAP).

Hence the Chinese parties have only these 45-46 seats to play with.


Politics is a zero-sum game.

If one wins the other loses.

As far as DAP and MCA are concerned, those 45-46 seats practically ‘belong’ to DAP.

DAP ‘owns’ those 45-46 seats. MCA, on the other hand, owns nothing.

So is is up to DAP whether they want to ‘sedekah’ (give charity) any seats to MCA.

DAP can ‘sapu’ (sweep) all 45 or 46 seats and leave nothing for MCA – zero.

Or DAP can sedekah sseven to eight seats to MCA.

That way MCA will not be buried for good.

To ‘earn’ those seven to eight seats, MCA must refrain from attacking DAP.

MCA must also toe the DAP line.

In other words, as they say in America, MCA will be DAP’s bitch (or DAP’s running dog, as the Chinese would say).

Does this, therefore, make MCA a coward or a traitor?

Or maybe MCA is a treacherous coward?

Traitor or mo choon toi eunuch?

DAP goes all out to attack Umno and PAS.

DAP goes on a no-holds-barred crusade against what they call ‘Malay policies’, Islam, the syariah (which the party keeps calling ‘hudud’ so that its ignorant Chinese supporters get confused and think that the syariah was about stoning and amputations) and anything at all that can raise the sentiments of the non-Malays or non-Muslims and make the Chinese hate the country and hate the government.

Basically, DAP is playing hate politics and it uses Chinese schools, Chinese media and, Chinese guilds and associations to spread this hate.

But then the Chinese schools, the Chinese media and the Chinese guilds and associations are being funded by MCA.

Over the years MCA has been giving them millions in government aid.

So, technically, MCA ‘owns’ those Chinese schools, Chinese media and Chinese guilds/associations.

This is why DAP wants MCA under its thumb.

MCA turns a blind eye and pretends that it was not aware of what DAP was doing.

DAP then uses those Chinese schools, Chinese media and Chinese guilds/associations — which are funded by the government through MCA — for its political agenda, which was to make the Chinese hate the Barisan Nasional (BN) government and Umno.

But DAP can only do this if they are able to turn MCA into a eunuch: mo choon toi.

MCA will be able to win at least seven seats only if it toes the DAP's political line.
MCA will be able to win at least seven seats only if it toes the DAP’s political line.

Chicken feed

With MCA desperate for seats, and with DAP promising to sedekah them seven to eight seats in the next general election, MCA becomes a perfect bitch for DAP.

In short, MCA has been reduced to a beggar, begging for ‘dedak’ (chicken feed) from DAP (as Mahathir Mohamad would say) and would be prepared to become DAP’s bitch or running dog to earn this dedak.

The DAP supporters have the gall to accuse Malays of ‘makan dedak’ (eat chicken feed) when their fellow Chinese not only makan dedak but become a bitch to DAP on top of that.

We would expect political enemies to whack each other like the way DAP whacks Umno and PAS.

But MCA does not whack DAP or its leaders because, if it does, then DAP will not give it those seven to eight seats.

DAP owns the Chinese so if MCA wants any seats it must bend over for DAP.

Party poll

DAP’s party election in December 2012 and the re-election in September 2013 were fraudulent.

But MCA says nothing and does nothing even though until today the Registrar of Societies (ROS) has not approved the 2012 and 2013 elections.

In fact, the ROS has issued a letter saying that the appointment of DAP’s secretary-general (Lim Guan Eng) is invalid.

Yet MCA turns a blind eye and still says and does nothing.

If that had been Umno or PAS, DAP would have gone all over the world to scream about it and Tony Pua would be foaming at the mouth like mad dog.

Guan Eng is embroiled in a sex scandal, as is his father, Kit Siang, just like Muhyiddin Yassin and Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah.

But we do not hear a word from MCA.

Guan Eng has been implicated in a corruption scandal involving his house, plus many other scandals involving projects being implemented by the Penang government.

Still MCA does not reveal this.

Some of those corruption scandals are huge but yet no word from MCA.

The impression we get is that DAP had been screwing the Malays.

Actually MCA is also screwing the Malays, only that it has not been so obvious.

MCA works from within Barisan Nasional while DAP works from the outside.

Malays get screwed front and rear at the same time.

For MCA, it has no choice – either serve DAP to screw the Malays or DAP will screw the Malays plus MCA as well.

So, as far as MCA is concerned, it is better it do the screwing than to be screwed.

In return DAP will reward the MCA with seven to eight seats in the next general election.

This was the reason why Mahathir was so angry with Prime Minister Najib Razak in May 2013.

Mahathir knew that DAP and MCA were playing a game with Umno.

DAP whacks the government and MCA will go running to Umno saying that the government must give this, that and the other to the Chinese to make them happy.

DAP, not MCA, controls the Chinese vote bank.
DAP, not MCA, controls the Chinese vote bank.


Mahathir wants DAP as his running dog to help oust Prime Minister Najib.

Actually, as what Mahathir said, the Chinese were controlled by DAP and they will not vote for the government whether you give them nothing or you give them RM1 billion.

So it does not really matter what you do or don’t do with the Chinese.

Najib, however, said Mahathir, was trying please the Chinese, which was a waste of time, argued Mahathir.

Mahathir lamented that instead of wasting his time on the Chinese, Najib should focus on the Malays, who are Umno’s support base.

The Malays have always supported Umno and will continue to support Umno.

So that is where Umno’s effort should lie, not wasting time with the Chinese who will never support you no matter what you do or don’t do.

Of course, when Mahathir said all this in May 2013, he did not think at that time that he would need the Chinese and DAP to help him oust Najib.

Mahathir thought that if he said all this, the Malays would get angry with Najib and would kick him out.

Mahathir’s initial strategy was to oust Najib from the inside or with Umno’s help.

When that did not work, he changed strategy and is now trying to oust Najib from the outside with the help of the opposition.

But the opposition Pakatan Harapan is controlled by DAP and is a DAP-led coalition.

So now Mahathir needs DAP if he wants to oust Najib.

But Lim Kit Siang is too smart to allow DAP to be used by Mahathir.

Lim Kit Siang will only work with Mahathir if DAP can gain from that association.

If DAP can use MCA as its bitch, why would Lim Kit Siang want to be Mahathir’s bitch?

So, if Mahathir wants DAP’s help, Mahathir will have to drop his pants and bend over, just like Liow is doing to ensure that MCA remained relevant and not get buried for good.

Mahathir will not be allowed to make DAP his running dog, says Shamsher Singh Thind of DAP

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