Malaysia places fifth most powerful in passport index

Jan 22, 2017


The Malaysian passport has been ranked fifth most powerful in the world according to Arton Capital’s Passport Index.

This is following the country having a 154 Visa-Free Score (VFS) that looks at its visa free and visa on arrival (VOA) privileges.

It is stated on the index’s website that the higher the VFS score, the better global mobility its passport bearer enjoys.

In Malaysia’s case, passport holders have visa-free access to 117 countries and they have VOA access in 37 countries.

Malaysia ranks alongside Ireland, Canada and New Zealand.

Germany has the most powerful passport with a VFS score of 158 and this is followed by Sweden and Singapore in second place (VFS score of 157).

Denmark, Finland, France, Spain, Switzerland, Norway, United Kingdom and the United States share third placing with a score of 156.

In fourth place with a score of 155 are Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Luxemborg, Portugal and Japan.

The passport index claims to be the “world’s most popular online interactive tool, which collects, displays and ranks” passports of the world.

Afghanistan has the least powerful passport with a VFS of 23.