Mahathir on rush hour to make son PM

Feb 26, 2017
Mahathir is ever ready to offer any ‘dedak’ to win support to make his son the prime minister.

Mahathir Mohamad addressing two hundred (200) “reformasi” supporters pleaded with them to let bygones be bygones.

He wants them to move on from the past and rally around his stated cause:
‘To remove Barisan Nasional from the government’
And his unstated cause:
‘To have his son Mukhriz positioned to become prime minister (PM) of Malaysia’.

Mahathir in his address even goes on to say that taking any (legal) action against him is okay after he gets what amounts to what he wants; causes one and two above.

It seems that the 91-year-old former prime minister does want any scrutiny over his past until he can see his seed (Mukhriz) in office; then it would not matter as dear old dad would get an executive pardon for past wrongs or at the very least; a slap on the wrist.

Mahathir’s addressing the ‘reformasi’ group is just his latest stopover along the path of his politically expedient apology tour.  With the 14th General Election (GE14) swiftly approaching, Mahathir knows very well that time was racing toward him like a speedy train and there was nothing he can do to slow the the inevitable.

His uncomfortable alliance with Lim Kit Siang is turning out to be everything many imagined it would be – toxic!

There was even a brief period where Mahathir tried to let Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (Pribumi) president former Deputy Prime Minister (DPM) Muhyiddin Yassin come to the forefront.

However the weight of his (Muhyiddin) personal baggage quickly pulled the party president back out of the media spotlight and into the shadows.

Of course Muhyiddin may also be having second thoughts about trusting Mahathir as news surfaced of a secret pact between Mahathir and Lim Kit Siang.

The pact would have the former’s son (Mukhriz Mahathir) slated as PM and the latter (Lim Kit Siang) as DPM / Finance Minister if the DAP-led opposition were to win GE14.

If the deal Mahathir and Kit Siang is true (from all indications it is) then that would leave Muhyiddin without a seat; which may not be that bad considering what Mahathir, Kit Siang and Mukhriz are possibly up to (behind) his back.

Some speculate that Muhyiddin realising that he was being political sodomised as a reason why he not too long ago said some positive things about the government’s success in steering the country.

Mahathir may understand that Muhyiddin was starting to see how he does not fit into his (Mahathir) grand scheme of things; prompting Mahathir to start his let bygones be bygones tour.

On this his latest tour, Mahathir wants those whom he may have hurt in some way to let it go even though the pain of the hurt was still there.

It seems that the doctor does not care about the victim’s pain only about what he hoped to gain from his latest tour.

However, just as with his earlier apology and bury the hatchet tours; the let bygones be bygones tour is all about paving the way for Mukhriz to become PM and not about soothing any hurt from the past! – The Malaysian Observers Blog