Mahathir is suffering from a bloody nose

 |Aug 23, 2016
Abdul Kadir Jasin threw some garbage against Khairy Jamaluddin, claims The Third Force.
Mahathir’s de facto information chief Kadir Jasin threw some garbage against Khairy Jamaluddin recently, claims The Third Force.

Last Saturday, I wrote an article titled: ‘Mahathir was just bitch slapped’ , which you can read by tracing the link below:

I’d encourage you to go through that article before reading this one, because what I’m about to say relates directly to the beans I spilled there.

In a nutshell – and don’t for a minute think of this as mere psy-war – Dr. Mahathir Mohamad has been checkmated.

Just to recap, last August, the former premier hosted a roundtable that was attended by a longtime associate of his and Azmin Ali.

The meeting was chaired by a certain Chinese Tan Sri, who charted a course for Mahathir and Azmin to bring Barisan Nasional to heel.

According to the scheme, Mahathir was to announce the setting up of a new party and a Third Force this September as prelude to a five-month assault he would wage against the ruling coalition.

Midway, the former premier would challenge the Prime Minister Najib Razak into triggering a snap election by March next year.

The plan turned custard when several of Mahathir’s minions screwed up.

Their blunders forced him to launch Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (Pribumi) two months ahead of schedule.

While the idea of a Third Force is still in the works, it seems to be smothered in ambiguity.

As we speak, Azmin is trying to figure out the best way to oust PKR president Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, which he was tasked to do by September this year.

The Saturday article pumped a whole lot of detail into the scheme of things as summarised above.

What intrigues me is how Mahathir got Abdul Kadir Jasin to spew some garbage against Khairy Jamaluddin a day after the article went public.

The veteran journalist announced that Khairy bore the markings of a turncoat who would ‘throw a friend to the wolves for gold’.

Put simply, Khairy would even go against Najib if it served to his best interests.

“Khairy may be willing to be Najib’s chief macai for now and, as a consequence, suffer the contempt of the thinking Malaysians because in the long run he has a more important personal agenda,” he said.

“He has no intention of sinking with Najib and he is pragmatic enough to work with other Umno leaders to entrench his position. He may even be willing to look beyond wobbly Umno-Barisan Nasional.”

Isn’t it ironic how Kadir’s piece came immediately after I announced that a shadow movement existed within Umno?

Kadir more or less implied that Khairy could be the leader of that movement.

Now what could possibly have prompted Kadir to lay such a claim?

The movement I was referring to is one Mahathir has secretly been nurturing and is hell bent on sabotaging Umno during the next general election.

If indeed Kadir was implying that Khairy was leader to the movement, then he (Kadir) is a dirty bastard. Go ahead. Sue me.

All said, was Kadir trying to divert attention from the fact that Mahathir is leading such a movement?

If so, then let me come out and say it again – for quite a while now, Mahathir has secretly been building a shadow movement within Umno, the sole purpose of which being to sabotage the party during polls.

Don’t doubt me for a second – the movement is real. But it most certainly has nothing to do with Khairy.

It's a lie that Khairy was leading a shadow movement within Umno to sabotage the party in the next general election.
It’s a lie that Khairy was leading a shadow movement within Umno to sabotage the party in the next general election, says The Third Force.

As a matter of fact, I know persons from the movement who are determined that the Prime Minister be brought down and replaced by Ahmad Zahid Hamidi “soonest possible.”

A little over a year back, I met one of the movement’s members, who claimed the ‘authorities’ had me flagged as a ‘threat’ and were monitoring my every move.

“Umno does not like very intelligent people. This is not the time. Be careful. You’re with RPK, and the government does not like RPK” Those were his exact words.

The guy, who claimed to be in Zahid’s team (which I later discovered was a lie), was referring to comments I had made against Mahathir in a closed WhatsApp group, one he claimed “the authorities were investigating.”

It amazed me that the content of the chat, which he clearly knew about, was a cause for concern.

Imagine my shock when I was told point blank that the authorities were monitoring a WhatsApp group I belonged to.

This happened weeks before the Prime Minister uncovered a plot by Gani Patail and Muhyiddin Yassin to topple him.

That’s just a glimpse of how far members of the movement are willing to go – they make fraudulent claims to convince everyone that they’re aligned with Zahid, when in fact, they’re not.

Anyway, the same person claimed to be from an intelligence unit that was “Zahid friendly.”

While I did my homework and discovered that the unit does exist, it most certainly does not link to Zahid in any way.

However, the unit does have its tentacles lodged in some intricate circles within a certain ministry.

Take my word for it, they’re a threat that the Prime Minister or Zahid simply can’t brush off.

While the encounter wasn’t exactly how I got to know of the movement, it did help convince me of its existence.

But so far, I’ve spoken of just one team.

In the span of months, I have been contacted by a few others, some of who wanted me to write in favour of Mahathir.

They seemed worried about the kind of articles Raja Petra Kamaruddin (RPK) and I were writing.

Then, let us not forget about a certain Malay chap who recently offered me RM5 million to write against RPK and Najib.

I have reasons to believe that this guy was sent to see me by Mahathir. However, that is something I will reveal only when opportunity serves me best.

Suffice to say, there are those who now think of me as a weapon they can use to destroy Najib and whack RPK.

Anyway, the shadow movement appears to have roots branching through the party’s grassroots and youth division.

I have a clear idea who its core members are, and can tell you with a hundred percent certainty that the name Khairy Jamaluddin doesn’t appear anywhere on their rolls.

That’s right. Kadir Jasin was lying.

I’ll grant him that Khairy is an opportunist but most certainly not an idiot.

Khairy knows exactly where Najib stands on the scale between being “very strong” and “very weak.”

He knows that Najib will drive the nation way past the 14th general election and beyond 2020.

So why did Kadir say what he said?

Truth is, Mahathir cannot afford that people be made aware of the shadow movement or how it was linked to him.

Then, I am told that Mahathir wants to polarise the party from within by turning its youth division against Najib.

As a result, he got Kadir to shift the spotlight onto Khairy by driving the impression that it was the latter who led the shadow movement.

Interesting isn’t it?

I mean, the grand old man still hasn’t gotten over the fact that Khairy ‘denied’ his son Mukhriz the youth chieftainship during the party’s 2009 election.

Khairy, on the other hand, blames Mahathir for his father’s death.

The tension between him and Mahathir will never fizzle out, not in a million years.

So why pick on anyone else when you can turn Khairy into a ‘sacrificial lamb’?

Mahathir working on a shadow team within Umno to sabotage the party in the next general election.
Mahathir is allegedly working on a shadow team within Umno to sabotage the party in the next general election.

What is more interesting is the fact that members of the shadow movement were snooping around Wisma Darul Aman in Kedah on Feb 3, 2016.

On that day, the Regency Council huddled behind closed doors to deliberate on the fate of then Kedah Menteri Besar Mukhriz.

Mahathir is said to have instructed his go-between to send one or two minions from the shadow movement to the scene.

While there, they fixed their ears on discussions that took place among groups that were present as Mukhriz was being pressured to resign as Menteri Besar.

These guys basically act as moles, or ‘double agents’, and report to their superiors the kind of whispers that are whispered among Najib’s people.

Oh yes, I know that story.

I also know of some very interesting discussions that took place between Mahathir’s people right after Mukhriz tendered his official resignation.

But we’ll talk about that at a later date, where, perhaps, I will just go ahead and name those who were loitering around Wisma Darul Aman on that day and what they were really up to.

That said, Kadir Jasin wasn’t the only one who came out to bitch about this and that.

Yesterday, in an about turn, Mahathir admitted that someone had betrayed Gani, Zeti Akhtar Aziz and Abu Kassim by leaking out information that foiled a coup attempt against Najib.

“Zeti is upright, so is Abu Kassim and also Gani Patail…but they were betrayed by one among them,” he said.

But doesn’t that prove what RPK has been saying all this while, that a conspiracy did exist to oust Najib through democratic thievery?

Is it a coincidence that those words came right after I announced that a certain Chinese Tan Sri had met Mahathir in August last year to explain how Najib had found out about the coup plot to the minute detail?

It seems that Mahathir was in the ‘best’ of spirits yesterday.

It surprised me that he so suddenly felt the urge to declare that Pribumi was agreeable to a working relationship with the DAP despite there being differences.

“On certain things we agree, for example the citizens’ declaration. DAP is willing to support me despite me being their worst enemy for 60 years but they are prepared to support an initiative taken by me.”

But then, isn’t there already an established working relationship?

I mean, hasn’t Mahathir been sharing a stage with the two Lims – Kit Siang and Guan Eng – ever since the ‘save’ Malaysia campaign was made public?

Haven’t the two Lims been singing his praises at every other event?

The last I attended a Mahathir event in Penang, Guan Eng was on stage telling us how the grand old man had contributed ‘immensely’ to the development of the nation, his sacrifices, his this, his that….I almost felt the two needed to get a room and make out.

But perhaps, there is a cold war brewing between Kit Siang and Mahathir.

I am told that some quarters have begun to question the need for the DAP to forge an alliance with Mahathir.

There are those within the party who feel that the decision to work with Mahathir may have something to do with charges that were brought against Guan Eng by the Penang High Court.

They’re apprehensive that Kit Siang may end up drowning the party just so that he can ‘save’ his son … Read More

Source: Malaysia Today