Mahathir desperately wants the US to make his son the PM

 |Aug 5, 2016
Mahathir seeks the US intervention to make his son Mukhriz the Prime Minister in a few years time.
Mahathir seeks the US intervention to make his son Mukhriz the Prime Minister in a few years time.

Anwar Ibrahim was released from jail on Sep 2, 2004 because, according to the Federal Court, although it was convinced that he was guilty of sodomy, the prosecutor failed to prove it.

In other words, then the Attorney-General Abdul Gani Patail did a sloppy job.

In fact, Anwar accused Gani of fabricating the evidence in order to win a conviction and maybe this is the Federal Court’s way of agreeing with the allegation that Gani did indeed fabricate evidence.

With this track record as the backdrop (fabrication of evidence against a Deputy Prime Minister or deposed Deputy Prime Minister), is there any wonder that Gani would not also fabricate evidence against Prime Minister Najib Razak in their attempt to oust him and replace him with a Dr Mahathir Mohamad proxy Prime Minister and his son Mukhriz as the new Deputy Prime Minister?

I mean there is hardly a single Pakatun who will not swear on his or her mother’s grave that Anwar was fixed up on fabricated charges by both the then IGP and the then Attorney General.

And Gani, who was leading the prosecution team at that time, had to make sure that Anwar gets convicted and goes to jail for something he did not do.

Well, at least this is what the Pakatuns believe.

And now the Pakatuns want Mahathir as their new leader. As Kua Kia Soong said today, “Have you lost your marbles?”

Anyway, that is not what I want to talk about today.

What I want to talk about is that Mahathir is getting real desperate and realises that his son’s chances of becoming the Deputy Prime Minister and eventually the Prime Minister is slipping farther and farther away and is disappearing over the horizon.

He is so desperate that he is even prepared to lick back his spit and work with ‘The Great Satan from the West’, the You Ass of Aye a.k.a. USA.

Yes, when Mahathir places all his money on the US then you know he is feeling just like Hitler during the last few days when the Russians were knocking on Berlin’s East Gate and the Americans on the West Gate.

It is a feeling that the future is hopeless unless you get down on your hands and knees and ask for help from people whom you once said you would rather die than kowtow to.

And now Mahathir has to eat back every single last word of his.

On Sep 10, 2004, eight days after Anwar was released from jail, Malaysiakini published an item titled ‘US will get Anwar to be PM at any cost’, which you can read below.

On Sep 13, 2004, John Malott rebutted that with the piece titled ‘Anwar US agent claims utter nonsense’ which you can also read below.

Now, take note of one thing.

According to the Pakatuns, Malaysiakini never lies and what they publish is the Gospel and 100% true.

So you have no reason to doubt what Malaysiakini wrote on Sep 10. 2004.

Anyway, the point is, at that time Mahathir believed that the US was behind Anwar and wanted to make Anwar the new Malaysian Prime Minister (and Al Gore ‘confirmed’ this during his dinner speech), which means the US has to first help oust Mahathir.

And that was why Mahathir was fiercely anti-US.

Mahathir questioned whether Bin Ladin was really behind the bombing of the New York Twin Towers a.k.a. 911 or whether it was an inside job — meaning the CIA did it.

He also suggests that Bin Ladin was a CIA agent and that is why he was never caught and then they faked his assassination and put him under the ‘witness protection program’.

Mahathir is also fiercely anti-Jew and he alleges that the US is fighting a proxy war on behalf of the Jews.

He always believed this and still believes it until today, as the video below will prove.
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Source: Malaysia Today


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