Mahathir arrives in Yellow Shirt

 |Nov 19, 2016

Yellow Shirts Mahathir

Pribumi top guns – Mahathir Mohamad, Muhyiddin Yassin and Mukhriz Mahatir have arrived at Bersih 5 to meet cheering Yellow Shirts.

Like Bersih 4, Mahathir has made a late entry into Bersih rally.

Howeve, the Red-Yellow rally is rapidly becoming an anti-climax non-event.

After much enthusiasm in early part of the day, both groups now look jaded and bored.

Yellow Shirts

Some 20,000 Yellow are now marching from Masjid Jamek towards KLCC while Red Shirts are seen resting in Padang Merbok.

Red Shirts look bored and tired.

Many have already left Padang Merbok and gone missing.

Red Shirts are getting lesser and lesser in Padang Merbok.

However, another group of Red Shirts were seen barging through the security wall of Yellow Shirts in another area.

Yellow Shirts were seen running away from the place.

A Bersih activist was seen walking his dog covered with yellow shirt in another area.

Yellow Dog