Mahathir and his funders

 |Sep 8, 2016

Mahathir Nyanyok

I am going to deliver some legitimate answers to questions you guys had posed in relation to an article I wrote recently:

  1. Tell us, is Mahathir Mohamad really planning to trigger a snap election by March 2017?

You thought I was lying?
Believe me, that was the original plan.
But I know that his circles insist I am lying.
As a matter of fact, one of his ‘reps’ challenged me to reveal my identity in an article, which I promise you guys I will do very, very soon.
Yes, one full article dedicated to who I am and why I am doing what I am doing.
I mean, isn’t that to be expected?
Did you think Mahathir or Daim Zainuddin would go around telling their confidantes from other blogs and media channels that “Yes, The Third Force speaks the truth?”
Once I do reveal my identity, will they sue me?
Well, we’ll just have to wait and see.
So in the meantime, let me be clear on one thing.
Early in August of last year, Mahathir convened a very urgent meeting with a Chinese Tan Sri (we’ll just call him TSX) and two others to discuss a coup-attempt-gone-awry that happened the month before.
The meeting conceded to the idea of triggering the premature dissolution of Parliament by March next year as the only means towards dislodging Najib Razak from power.
TSX proposed a yearlong ‘save’ Malaysia campaign as a prelude to a five month ‘war of an untold proportion’ against Barisan Nasional (BN).
For those of you who have been following my articles, you’d know that the war was scheduled to begin this October.
But because I had taken the wraps off the conspiracy, Mahathir pushed the panic button and told both Muhyiddin Yassin and Azmin Ali that a Third Force needed to be set up soonest possible, even if it meant working with the enemy.
At first, I didn’t get what he meant by ‘the enemy’.
I mean, everyone he is seen working with today were once his sworn enemies, right?
But today, we already know who the so called enemy is, don’t we?

  1. Did articles from Malaysia Today impact on Mahathir?

You bet your asses they did. Raja Petra Kamarudin’s (RPK) exposes on Muhyiddin’s sex scandal with the Chinese wife of a prominent lawyer had a profound impact on Mahathir.
The former premier told Muhyiddin quite recently that RPK’s articles were reason enough to trigger a panic alert, as the sex scandal would definitely be played up by “Umno cybertroopers” in the event of a surprise snap election.
According to Mahathir, the unsavoury details of Muhyiddin’s affair would cost Pribumi dearly should the so-called cybertroopers spin the story like a top.
When Mahathir said “surprise snap election,” he was referring to the idea that Najib may call for the premature dissolution of Parliament this November.
He sits biting his nails almost every day now that the conspiracy to trigger a snap election next March is out in the open.
Mahathir is convinced that my articles placed the Najib administration on red alert.
In all honesty, I’ve been told repeatedly that he’s wrecking his nerves thinking about it.
Now, just for the sake of discussion, let us assume that a snap election is triggered before the year end.
Under the circumstance, not only does Mahathir knows he is screwed, he told his confidante that there was no way in hell or high heaven that Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (Pribumi) would ever slice Umno’s share of the Malay vote.
As a matter of fact, his funders told him the same.
In a recent meeting, they cautioned that should Najib trigger a surprise poll, Pribumi wouldn’t have the capacity or time to grow roots through the Malay voter base, enough to position itself as a viable and potent alternative to Umno.

  1. Have any of Mahathir’s plans changed?

Yes, they have.
Mahathir resolved not to take chances and brought the planned ‘five-month no holds barred onslaught’ against BN forward.
As you can already see, the attacks against Umno and government have been stepping up by the day.
The launching of a Third Force, a loose pact between Pribumi and Pakatan Harapan, was supposed to have happened this month.
Just to recap, Azmin Ali was tasked to wrest control of PKR from its president, Dr. Wan Azizah Wan Ismail by this month.
But because he failed to do so, Mahathir renegotiated the launching of the Third Force to November this year.
However, Mahathir is now insisting that the Third Force be launched soonest possible and according to original plans.
It seems to me that he has come to terms with the fact that Azmin may genuinely be incapacitated to wrest control of PKR owing to a corruption and sex scandal the latter is involved in, one Rafizi Ramli seems privy to.
If you’re wondering what’s keeping Rafizi from doing anything about it, he himself is embroiled in a sex scandal – one that has very revolting and yucky details – that Azmin seems to be aware of.
These scandals seem to have put their planned assaults against each other in a jam, meaning, none of them can do jack shit to oust or harm the other.
Is that the reason why Mahathir back-peddled on his decision not to support the PKR reformasi agenda?
Yesterday, the former premier issued an unmistakable signal that the cold war between him and his protégé-turned-archrival has ended, and that reformasi was on.
Could it be that Mahathir will announce a Third Force (by whatever name) anytime soon?
The meeting between Mahathir and Anwar is a little more than a coincidence, given that just two days back, two members from the Umno shadow movement met me on condition of anonymity to ‘warn’ me that if it was a war I wanted, it would be a war I would get.
Now how do you like that?

  1. Why did Mahathir launch a ‘save’ Malaysia campaign?

To recap, Mahathir had come up with a not-so-ingenious plan to have Najib arrested on fabricated charges.
The broad idea was basically to put the cuffs on Najib, thrust him into a lockup and pocket the key.
Once accomplished, Muhyiddin Yassin was to convene an emergency supreme council sitting to discuss his appointment as the functional Prime Minister.
That is what I’m told, and in a large part, what RPK has been saying for more than a year.
However, the plan went bust when Abdul Gani blew the whistle on the conspiracy to Najib.
A very distraught and wounded Mahathir refused to concede defeat and began thinking up a second coup plot.
But when he floated the idea to his funders, they turned him down, arguing that a snap election would be the best way forward.
I am told, his funders were pissed that billions had been wasted on a failed coup plot and refused to look any other way.
What interests me is the fact that his funders were speaking in the same tone that TSX delivered during the August 2015 meeting.
It seems to me that both TSX and Mahathir’s funders were in cahoots with each other to prevent a second coup attempt. Could I be right?

  1. Ok, his funders agreed to fund the ‘save’ Malaysia campaign. But did Mahathir keep his end of the bargain?

Don’t get me wrong though – the former premier did launch the so-called ‘save’ Malaysia campaign, although, it didn’t last quite the year it was scripted to run.
It didn’t, because some of Mahathir’s minions littered the campaign with too many tactical gaffes and blunders.
For instance, one or two of his henchmen were caught red handed fabricating a Citizen’s Declaration (CD) against the Prime Minister.
The central thrust to the CD was a signature collection drive which was to have come full circle this November.
According to what was scripted, Mahathir was supposed to come right out around then to make a very important announcement.
During the announcement, Mahathir would declare the CD as ‘proof’ that the people were tired of Najib and wanted a new prime minister.
He would tell the people that Najib was morally and criminally perverse and had conspired with the rulers to plunge the nation into authoritarian rule.
He would then challenge the prime minister to put the theory to vote by March next year.
But as you already know, the plan fell flat on its face when his minions got all exited and fabricated the CD.
One of them put it in the former premier’s head that the sooner one million signatures were announced, the greater the impact it would have on voters.
Believe it or not, Mahathir actually decided to go along with the idea, that of his top advisor.
You already know what happened thereafter, don’t you?
A young computer programmer came out to reveal how he was short changed by one of Mahathir’s minions.
According to the programmer, the said minion ripped a name list off his computer database for a nominal fee that was never fully settled.
The programmer’s confession brought an abrupt end to the ‘save’ Malaysia campaign and left Mahathir with a terribly long face.
Without a ‘save’ Malaysia campaign, Mahathir knew that his funds would run short of a full five billion, since all he had at that point in time were pledges by his funders.
Besides, he already knew that there was no way in hell he could dream of leading a second coup plot without his funders finding out about it.
So what did he do?
He solicited support from the leader of a coalition of NGO’s to trigger mass demonstrations at a specific date which RPK had spoken about in one of his articles (link below).
Just so that you know, both he and the coalition leader entered into a pact that is not known to many and has yet to be made public.
I will talk about it when the time is right, definitely before the next general election.
Suffice to say, Mahathir wanted the coalition leader to trigger the demonstrations only so that his funders would not blame him for working behind their backs.
If they had asked, he would have simply told them, “It was not me who started the riots.”

  1. Do Mahathir’s funders know that he took them for a ride?

They just found out and they’re angry.
So angry, one of his funders pulled out on the pretext that he had “pressing business issues that warranted his attention abroad.”

  1. Who spilled the beans?

I’m not saying yet.

  1. Ok. Then tell us, is Tony Pua really a spy?

Yes, he is.
Back in 2007, Mahathir arranged for Tony Pua Kiam Wee to be dressed as a Trojan horse and carted on wheels into the DAP.
Like I said before, Tony Pua is one of Mahathir’s moles, planted in the party for very specific reasons.
In a previous article, I stated the above in terms that were not very specific.
But since then, I have confirmed that the above is a hundred and one percent true.
Tony Pua resigned from his SESDAQ listed company which was then at the verge of a bankruptcy.
He disposed of all his assets and agreed to join the DAP at the behest of Mahathir and a certain tycoon.
Several DAP insiders met me recently and confirmed that Tony Pua was a double agent who took his cues from Mahathir.
Some others have shown me the cut and dry proof of financial activity that related to Tony Pua and the DAP since the day he joined the party.

  1. Does Lim Kit Siang know about this?

You’re damn right he does.
The senior Lim is not only aware, he knew about it from the moment Tony Pua walked through his door back in 2007.
Kit Siang had hoped that through Tony Pua, some of the millions Mahathir was spending in a war of perception against the then Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, would channel through the party’s war chest.
Kit Siang also harboured hopes that Tony would provide some inside information relating to Umno’s inner circles by virtue of the latter’s relationship with Mahathir.
Instead, top secret information that related to the DAP’s most cryptic circles began flowing into Mahathir’s filing cabinets.
Mahathir now knows every dirty little secret both the DAP and Kit Siang kept hidden, including the source of the party’s funding … Read More  

A prominent columnist in Malaysia Today.