MACC vetting mandatory for senior civil servants promotion

Jan 10, 2017


The appointment and placement of senior public servants also involves integrity vettings by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC).

The Public Service Department in a statement today, said passing the integrity vetting by the MACC was among the conditions which must be met by the officers including secretary-generals and department heads recommended for promotion.

The other conditions include confirmation in service, reaching the performance level set, being free of disciplinary action and having made declaration of property.

“In this matter, it must be stressed that all public servants are subject to the rules set and there are no exemptions,” said PSD in the statement on the promotion of civil servants following cases of civil servants being arrested by the MACC.

It said the business of placing and promoting public officers would only be made if the officers proposed for the posts passed all the screenings, including by the MACC.

The PSD was working with the MACC and National Audit Department to regularly monitor the integrity of civil servants, according to the statement.

Last week, a secretary-general of a ministry with the title of ‘Datuk’ was detained by the MACC for alleged involvement in corruption.– Bernama