MACC complicates Bahri’s exit

 |Jan 4, 2017
Bahri Mohamad Zain.
Bahri Mohamad Zain.

FMT has carried a story regarding why Bahri Mohamad Zain, the director of Malaysia Anti-Corruption Commission’s (MACC) special operations division, retired.

The story is: Bahri is disappointed about the lack of action regarding the SRC International case.

Then FMT came out with another story that Bahri retired because he was disillusioned with his paymaster Mahathir Mohamad regarding the corrupt acts perpetrated by the old man and his children.

So now we have two stories as to why Bahri decided to retire.

One story is that he was disappointed with MACC regarding the SRC case and another story is he was disillusioned with Mahathir regarding the corrupt acts perpetrated by the old man and his children.

While Malaysians were still digesting both stories to figure out which of the two conflicting stories was the truth, MACC issues a press statement denying the SRC reason and said that Bahri himself had confirmed this.

Knowing the mentality of Malaysians, many will still want to believe the story that Bahri retired because of the SRC case and that FMT’s second story citing Mahathir as the reason for Bahri’s resignation or MACC’s press release saying that Bahri denied he had said he resigned because of SRC will be rejected.

In fact, many who read MACC’s press statement will be even more convinced that the SRC reason was true due to the way the statement had been crafted.

MACC Press Statement

Hence MACC’s statement has done more damage than good.

In short, mere issuance of a press statement explaining that Bahri resigned not because of SRC was not good enough.

MACC needs to do more than that.

The press statement would be regarded as a weak attempt at damage control and an attempt at covering up the real reason why Bahri resigned.

Does Bahri really deny he revealed that his reason for resigning is SRC?

Did he not make such a revelation and therefore did FMT lie?

Or did someone show FMT evidence that Bahri resigned because of SRC and that evidence is in their possession?

FMT can also convince us that it was not part of this game by revealing its sources and by showing us the evidence it had obtained that prompted it to run that story regarding SRC.

2015 and 2016 were two years of turmoil for Prime Minister Najib Razak.

All Najib needs now is another year of allegations and suspicions that were going to be triggered by the question of why Bahri resigned or retired from the MACC.

This year is going to be the year where people are going to ask: “What is the real reason for Bahri’s resignation from MACC?” and the opposition, which as it is is already bankrupt of ideas, will go to town with this issue.

What a way to start the new year!

Just as the opposition runs out of ideas on what to use against Najib they go and offer the opposition a talian hayat or lifeline: the Bahri case.

Former MACC chief Abu Kassim Mohamed, who was once allegedly part of a conspiracy to oust Najib as PM.
Former MACC chief Abu Kassim Mohamed, who was once allegedly part of a conspiracy to oust Najib as PM.

Tell me one thing: who the hell are these people who Najib employed and why are they still working for the prime minister?

If these are Najib’s best brains then I shudder to imagine what the lesser people in his team are like.

Or did Najib employ Trojan Horses whose job is to sabotage him from the inside?

Even the DAP Red Bean Army is beginning to look like intelligent people in spite of their Chinese school background.

No, this second story from FMT regarding Mahathir to ‘clean’ the first story regarding SRC plus MACC’s press statement is not good enough.

I suspect an act of sabotage going on here.

If the SRC story is a lie and if Bahri really denies that story then legal action must be taken.

There are no two ways about it.

For too long MACC has been screwing around, both literally and figure of speech.

MACC does not even trust its own officers and one day they bugged one of their officer’s room to try to catch him in a corrupt act and instead they caught him on video bonking a married woman on his office table.

Then we had the Ramli Yusuff and Rosli Dahlan case where the court hearing revealed that MACC was being used as a tool to fix people up.

This case also involved Kevin Morais, who is married to another man who lives in the UK, and who was murdered under very mysterious and suspicious circumstances – which points to the possibility he was doing deals with unsavoury characters.

What about Bahri himself who has been implicated in many misdeeds and transgressions, one involving his own brother-in-law?

Why is MACC covering all this up when they have enough evidence to hang Bahri upside down?

Bahri is able to do all this and get away with it because MACC protects him.

Bahri Mohamad Zain.
Bahri Mohamad Zain.

MACC knows that its feeble press statement would not be able to repair the damage that the story regarding SRC had done.

In fact, that press statement creates even more damage because the way it has been done actually gives the impression that this was mere damage control, which means the story about SRC must be true after all.

As I said, there are no two ways about it.

MACC must take legal action and once and for all stop all this nonsense.

There are just too many contradicting stories about 1MDB floating around.

MACC just creates more damage every time it do something or open its mouth.

It appears like MACC open its mouth with intentions to create more damage rather than to repair the damage.

The new MACC chief has to show he was better and not cut from the same cloth as Abu Kassim Mohamed.

The main problem was that MACC had got no credibility, accountability and morality so Malaysians were never going to accept whatever it said, especially its press statement below.

MACC is insulting our intelligence if it thinks that its press statement was good enough and can convince people that FMT’s story was wrong.

Short of taking legal action or suing FMT, MACC might as well have shut up and said nothing instead of issuing that stupid press statement.

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