Lim Kit Siang’s ultimate betrayal to DAP and supporters

 |Feb 20, 2017
Lim Kit Siang ultimate betrayal to DAP and its Chinese supporters was his ganging up with Mahathir.
Lim Kit Siang ultimate betrayal to DAP and its Chinese supporters was his ganging up with Mahathir.

Lim Kit Siang is suffering from the same predicament that Mahathir Mohamad is suffering from.

Both are being accused of the ultimate betrayal and both must die for that.

For decades Kit Siang has been trying to position himself as the champion of Chinese rights and interests.

Kit Siang is the Chinese ‘David’ who goes out to face the Malay ‘Goliath’ and the entire Malay ‘Philistine’ army, armed with only a slingshot and a few stones he picks up from the ground.

Kit Siang is so exalted he can even arrange for his son to move from Melaka to Penang and be made the Penang chief minister even though Guan Eng is not an “anak Pulau Pinang” (Penang son).

Anyone who does not agree with him or opposes him is sidelined, sacked, or forced to resign, like what you can see in the long list of victims below.

Kit Siang and son make Kim Il-sung and son appear like novices.

The most novel part about this whole thing, though, is that he can get away with it.

Kit Siang is able to do what he does and get away with it because he had successful made himself appear larger than life.

DAP has no leaders left

Muslims talk about the four rightly-guided caliphs.

Chinese talk about the four rightly-guided tokong – Chen Man Hin and Karpal Singh, of course, being two of the four.

But then Man Hin has been sent to pasture, Karpal has died, while Guan Eng is about to go to prison.

So that leaves only one tokong left, Kit Siang.

Kit Siang is the last hope for the DAP Chinese.

Minus Kit Siang, the DAP Chinese do not really have anyone left – that is why a messenger of God such as Kit Siang must act and play the role of a messenger of God.

Kit Siang did just that.

For decades he acted and played the role of a messenger of God.

He even wrote 10 million words, as he himself claims, in long and winding articles, press statements and blog postings regarding everything that was wrong with the government of Malaysia, Umno, Barisan Nasional, the Malays, the Muslims, the sharia, and to a certain extent Islam as well (or how Malays interpret Islam).

If Kit Siang’s 10 million ‘wise words’ were all compiled into a ‘holy book’, it would be thicker than the Qur’an and all the Bibles of the Old and New Testaments put together.

As Kit Siang himself confesses, he has been ‘preaching’ for more than 50 years, longer than what Moses, Jesus and Prophet Muhammad did.

So there you are.

One DAP Selangor leader who I was very close to (DAP people will know who I am taking about) once told me he regards Kit Siang as a God.

I actually found it very amusing and thought to myself how easy it was for Chinese to create Gods and look to anything or anyone as God whenever it suited them.

Anyway, this DAP Selangor leader more or less gave me an insight into how they perceive Kit Siang and the standing that Kit Siang had amongst the DAP Chinese.

I must say that in the pre-2010 days before Pakatan Rakyat started to reveal its flaws and cracks I, too, placed Kit Siang on high-esteem.

If not for anything else at least Kit Siang had to be admired for his persistence and tenacity.

He is like a dog with a bone that once it gets its teeth into a bone it never lets go come hell or high-water.

But that was before.

Lim Kit Siang continues his deafening silence on government's decision to set up a task force to probe the forex scandal that took place under former Premier Mahathir's watch in early 1990s.
Lim Kit Siang continues his deafening silence on government’s decision to set up a task force to probe the forex scandal that took place under former Premier Mahathir’s watch in early 1990s.

Transformation of Kit Siang

The Kit Siang of today is no longer the Kit Siang of the first 50 years of his political career.

Or maybe he never was all along but was just creating the perception that he was – a charade he was playing and a facade he was adopting.

You can see from his total silence regarding the US$10 billion forex losses that Kit Siang was just play-acting for 50 years and today the real Kit Siang has finally stood up.

It could be that Kit Siang realised he had made a huge mistake – by closing down Pakatan Rakyat so that he could kick PAS out of the opposition coalition – and was now panicking.

Or maybe Kit Siang was panicking because he knew Guan Eng was going to prison and there was nothing he can do to stop it.

Whatever the reason may be for Kit Siang’s panic, it has caused him to make seriously bad judgements over the last two years.

Suddenly Kit Siang is seen as mere human after all.

This is a man with fears and weaknesses just like everyone else.

Kit Siang is someone who would compromise his principles and betray his party if that was what it would take to save himself and his family.

Kit Siang has demonstrated that betrayal was not above him if that was what he needed to do to get himself and his son out of a sticky situation.

Kit Siang’s ultimate act of betrayal is in selling out to Mahathir Mohamad.

The DAP Chinese would probably have allowed Kit Siang to get away with many things short of murder if that was what it took for the end to justify the means.

But betrayal is not on that list of acceptable behaviour whatever the reason may be for that betrayal.

That was the reason for the recent four resignations from Malacca.

In fact, there are many more very unhappy DAP leaders but they are reluctant to leave the party in spite of their unhappiness because they fear their resignations might hurt the party.

Even as you read this, there is turmoil amongst the ranks of the DAP leaders and the party appears to be imploding and disintegrating.

They know if they speak up, Kit Siang will act brutally against them like he had acted against his critics in the past.

Kit Siang does not tolerate dissent and dissenters will be dealt with severely.

So, if you can no longer tolerate what Kit Siang is doing or stomach his betrayal, then you just leave like what the four from Malacca did.

Mahathir is toxic and anyone who drinks from his cup is drinking from the poisoned chalice.

Kit Siang has found out the hard way his folly of going to bed with Mahathir.

What you built over 50 years can be destroyed in just one day if you are not careful.

Kit Siang’s 50 years political career and legacy was destroyed the day he decided to embrace Mahathir as his running mate and as the de facto opposition leader.

Kit Siang now knows that his move to oust PAS from the opposition coalition was the biggest mistake of his 50-year political career.

He had hoped that Amanah would be able to offset that but the new PAS-splinter party proved a disaster after all.

That was why Kit Siang needed to turn to Mahathir.

Kit Siang thought Mahathir would be able to pull in the Malay support.

But that proved a disaster as well.

So Kit Siang sold out of Mahathir and committed the ultimate betrayal.

But by doing that he gained nothing.

He did not get the ‘lost’ Malays as he thought he would.

More importantly, he is not going to be able to prevent his son from going to prison like he thought he could.

So Kit Siang lost everything and gained nothing in return.

So his betrayal is all for nothing.

That is what is adding injury to injury.

Once bitter political enemies, now close buddies - Mahathir and Lim Kit Siang.
Once bitter political enemies, now close buddies – Mahathir and Lim Kit Siang.

The DAP Chinese realise that Kit Siang betrayed DAP by selling out to Mahathir.

They know this has nothing to do with DAP’s interests but is just about Kit Siang’s personal needs.

By betraying DAP, Kit Siang has very badly hurt the party, which is going to take a long time to recover from.

But then that is what happens when you make a decision while panicking and the decision is based on your personal interest and not based on the interest of your party or community.

List of DAP leaders who fell along the way:

DAP national leaders –
Lee Lam Thye, former deputy secretary-general – Resigned.
Wee Choo Keong, ormer national publicity secretary – Resigned.
Fung Ket Wing, former national treasurer – Sacked.
Lee Ban Chen, former DAP national vice-chairman – Resigned.
Huan Chun Teng, former deputy secretary-general – Resigned.

Malacca –
Tan Teik Chuan, former MP, he was Lim Kit Siang follower, but quarrel with Kit Siang at the end – Resigned.
Kerk Kim Hock, former secretary-general, during 2004 general election sabotaged by Kit Siang’s team – Sidelined.
Sim Tong Him, former Malacca chairman, had lost confidence in the party and disappointed with DAP leaders – Resigned.
Goh Leong San, former Malacca chairman, had lost confidence in the party and disappointed with DAP leaders – Resigned.
Lim Jak Wong, Bachang assemblyman, had lost confidence in the party and disappointed with DAP leaders – Resigned.
Chin Choong Seong, Kesidang assemblyman, had lost confidence in the party and disappointed with DAP leaders – Resigned,

Penang –
Yeap Ghim Guan, former Penang chairman – Resigned.
Teoh Teik Huat, former Penang chairman – Resigned.
Seow Han Cheng, former Penang vice-chairman – Resigned.
Tan Yu Su, former Paya Terubong assemblyman – Resigned.
Ooi Eam Kong, former Kampung Kolam assemblyman – Resigned.
Tan Beng Huat, former Jawi assemblyman – Resigned.
Goh Kheng Huat, former Nibong Tebal assemblyman – Resigned.
Balasundram, former Penang DAP political education secretary – Resigned.
Wee Hock Seng, former Penang deputy chairman, – Resigned.
Teh Beng Hai, former Penang DAP youth chief – Resigned.
Koay Teng Hai, former Penang DAP secretary – Sidelined.
Teh Yee Cheu, Tanjung Bungah assemblyman – Sidelined.
Lydia Ong Kok Fooi, Berapit assemblyman – Sidelined.
Lai Han Beng, former Penang DAP youth secretary – Sidelined.
Tan Beng Huat, former Jawi assemblyman – Resigned.
Yeap Teik Huat, former Penang youth publicity chief, opposed sale of the Penang party property – Sacked.
Chew Kin Hor, Penang DAP youth deputy secretary – Sacked.
Shamsher Singh Thind, Chai Leng Park branch secretary – Resigned.
Zulkifli Md. Noor – Resigned.

Selangor –
Wong Chee Kin, former Selangor DAP chairman – Resigned.
Teng Chang Khim, Sungai Pinang assemblyman – Sidelined.
Ng Swee Lim, Sekinchan assemblyman – Sidelined.
Kua Kia Soong, former vice-chairman – Resigned.
Janice Lee, DAP youth deputy chief and Teratai assemblyman – Sacked.
Tan Tuan Tat, DAP publicity secretary, parliament liason committee and branch chairman – sacked after he had already resigned.

Perak –
Fong Po Kuan, former Batu Gajah MP, could not get along with Ngeh Koo Ham and Nga Kor Ming – Sidelined.
Tan Chek Meng, former Perak chairman, could not get along with Ngeh Koo Ham and Nga Kor Ming – Resigned.
Oh Keng Seng, former PJ MP – Resigned.

Johor –
Song Sing Kwee, former Johor chairman – Resigned.
Boo Cheng Hau, former Johor chairman – Sidelined.

Negeri Sembilan –
Oh Xue Phang, former Negeri Sembilan chairman – Resigned.
Lee Yuen Fong, former Negeri Sembilan chairman – Resigned.
Ooi Tze Yu, former Bahau assemblyman – Resigned.
Lim Hui Beng, former Bahau assemblyman – Resigned.

Sabah –
Tan Su Tze, Sabah vice-treasurer – Resigned.
Junz Wong, Sabah secretary – Resigned.

Sarawak –
Sim Guan Yang, former assistant secretary – Resigned.

Besides the list above, there are still many others purged by Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng:
Yeap Ping Han, Og Kang Seng, Ho Boon Han, Kang Chai Huat, Ho Meng Yao, Loh Bao Kin, Tan Jin Seng, Goh Hock Guan, Oh Teik An, Ooi Swee Cheng, Lim Eng Guan, Yeoh Hean Cek, Wong Hong Keat, Goh Ling Yam, Yeo wei Ye, Khoo Seng Hock, Teoh Eng Hing, Yeow Jin Yik, Goh Wei Xiang, Wong Kok Yew, Wong Kok Fang, Kong Chee Seng, Tan Chee Chong , Yap Kon Min. Tan Chew Hwa, David Dass, P. Vellasamy, Rahmat Isahak and S. Moorly. –  Malaysia Today

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