Lim Kit Siang wants a Malay to “screw” Malays – Tunku Abdul Aziz

 |Apr 4, 2017

DAP veteran Lim Kit Siang is embarking on an evil strategy to use a “Malay to screw the Malays”, said the party former national vice-chairman Tunku Abdul Aziz Tunku Ibrahim.

He told a press conference in Eastin Hotel in Petaling Jaya today that this was the reason why Kit Siang had refused to be the chairman of Pakatan Harapan or the opposition leader in Parliament.

He said this strategy was already exposed by DAP’s ‘Superman’ Hew Kuan Yau during the Sarawak election in May 2016.

“As we all know, Kit Siang has picked a Malay as the chairman of Pakatan Harapan and with this strategy, he hopes to deceive the Malay voters into voting for Pakatan Harapan, making them believe, quite mistakenly, that if Pakatan Harapan wins it will be a Malay who will be in the seat of power to drive this country and not Kit Siang.

“Malays will soon learn that what is apparent is not real. There cannot possibly any good reason why Kit Siang, politically speaking, who has unrivalled opposition experience, should not want to lead Pakatan Harapan, except to calm Malay fears of a DAP leader taking power over the country,” said Tunku Abdul Aziz.

He said Kit Siang was now working with Pribumi led by Mahathir Mohamad after previously failing to capture Putrajaya through DAP alliance with PKR and PAS.

“It’s part of Kit Siang’s political language. Hope people will not fall for his ploy,” he said.

He said that the stark reality was, if Pakatan Harapan won the 14th General Election (GE14), Kit Siang will be quick to snap up the politics’ most prized jewel – the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO).

Tunku Abdul Aziz recalled that Kit Siang did a similar thing in Penang after GE12 in 2008 when without missing a beat and quick as lightening, he pushed his son into the chief minister’s slot to the astonishment of Penang DAP members.

“I have studied him enough to know how this dictator, an evil genius, goes about to acquire power and once he acquires it, he will never let it go,” he said.

“Hasn’t Kit Siang installed himself as a dictator in DAP for the last 51 years. This is arguably world record, adding another black feather in his cap.

“I know Kit Siang will always deny the fact that he is a dictator and hypocritically talks about democracy.

“Therefore I challenge Kit Siang for a debate on the proposition that the DAP is ruled and sustained by dictatorship.

“I have issued my challenge. Let Kit Siang accept it and we will see,” said Tunku Abdul Aziz, adding that there was no hurry to organise the debate.

“Whenever Kit Siang is in the mood (to debate), I will be happy.”

On another question, he said it was too early to foretell the future of Kit Siang-Mahathir political tie after GE14.

But he said that it was a fragile alliance that would not last long.

“A relationship that lacked mutual trust would definitely not sustain.

“It’s more about ‘what’s in it for me’. Both men’s agenda was to satisfy their personal interests.

“Mahathir wants to create a dynasty, so too Kit Siang.”