Lim Kit Siang may sink together with Mahathir

 |Feb 20, 2017
Azmin Ali (left) replaced Khalid Ibrahim as Selangor MB via the infamous Kajang Move.
Azmin Ali (left) replaced Khalid Ibrahim as Selangor MB via the infamous Kajang Move.

Azmin Ali took over as the Selangor menteri besar (MB) on September 23, 2014, eight months after Lee Chin Cheh’s resignation on January 27, 2014.

Lee’s resignation triggered the Kajang by-election on March 23, 2014, infamously known as the ‘Kajang Move’.

The ‘Kajang Move’ was actually in the wind seven months before that since soon after the general election (GE13) on May 5, 2013.

Even before December 2013, Lee already knew he was going to be sacrificed to make way for Anwar Ibrahim to take over as the new Kajang state assemblyman – and thereafter the new Selangor MB.

Rafizi Ramli had earlier announced the ‘Kajang Move’ and said that was a pre-emption against the very strong likelihood that Prime Minister (PM) Najib Razak would be ousted by Mahathir Mohamad.

The question is how did Rafizi know in early 2013 that Mahathir was plotting to oust Najib?

Why was Mahathir going to oust Najib?

What was the reason or excuse for Mahathir to oust Najib?

Rafizi did not explain that part and no further details were offered – other than in the event Mahathir ousted Najib then Selangor needed to be protected: hence the need to replace Selangor MB Khalid Ibrahim with Anwar.

Why is Selangor going to fall if Najib was ousted and how replacing Khalid with Anwar could prevent Selangor from falling?

Only Rafizi knows that answer and he is not sharing it with us.

Mahathir’s plot

So we have to take his word for it that soon after May 5, 2013 general election, Mahathir was plotting to oust Najib, and if this happened then Selangor was going to fall, and to prevent Selangor from falling Anwar must replace Khalid as the new Selangor MB.

So, around November-December 2013, Lee was told to resign, which he did on January 27, 2014.

The Kajang by-election was held on March 23, 2014.

Khalid was ousted as Menteri Besar on September 23, 2014 and was replaced with Azmin.

In December 2014, Mahathir made his move on Najib by asking Khairuddin Abu Hassan to lodge a police report against 1MDB (more than one and a half years after the ‘Kajang Move’ was mooted).

So that was how Mahathir was going to oust Najib: by using 1MDB as the excuse.

That means Rafizi was right after all about Mahathir plotting to oust Najib.

That also means Rafizi knew more than one and a half years before it happened that Mahathir was plotting to oust Najib.

But how did Rafizi know one and a half years before it happened that Mahathir was plotting to oust Najib?

Simple, because Tony Pua told him.

Tony Pua and Lim Kit Siang were aware of Mahathir’s plot to oust Najib since early 2013 because they were part of the plot.

In fact, the move to sabotage 1MBD and ensure that it failed was mooted as early as 2012.

Mahathir tried to use 1MDB to oust Najib, but failed.
Mahathir tried to use 1MDB to oust Najib, but failed.

1MDB did not fail.

It was made to fail.

It was made to fail because this was going to be the catalyst to get rid of Najib.

They needed something big and explosive, so they engineered 1MDB’s failure for this very purpose.

Tony Pua and Kit Siang were in this plot from the very beginning, as was Rafizi.

In short, 1MDB was the sacrificial lamb in the plot to oust Najib.

Everything was going well and according to plan all the way from May 2013 to January 2014.

Then things began to go wrong.

RM100 million fund each

Anwar Ibrahim’s Sodomy 2 case was brought forward (I was told at the behest off a certain state ruler so as to block Anwar from contesting the Kajang by-election) and it was now impossible for Anwar to contest the March 2014 by-election.

They then replaced Anwar with his wife Wan Azizah Wan Ismail.

So, instead of Anwar, Wan Azizah was now going to replace Khalid as the new Selangor MB.

But why, in the first place, do they even need to replace Khalid?

They said he was the best, most hardworking, most honest, etc., MB in Selangor history.

So why need to replace him?

The answer was actually accidentally revealed by Saifuddin Nasution, which he was not supposed to reveal.

Khalid had refused to provide the funds to finance the 2013 general election.

They had wanted RM100 million each for PKR and DAP but Khalid would not give them the money.

For that Khalid needed to be ousted.

PAS, however, was opposed to Khalid’s ouster and it openly said so.

PKR and DAP wanted Wan Azizah to take over from Khalid but PAS refused to go along with it.

PAS did not back PKR president Wan Azizah (right) to become Selangor MB as demanded by DAP and PKR.
PAS did not back PKR president Wan Azizah (right) to become Selangor MB as demanded by DAP and PKR.

After Wan Azizah won the Kajang by-election they told the Sultan of Selangor, they wanted her to replace Khalid as the new MB.

DAP and PKR both sent the sultan a letter naming Wan Azizah as the new Selangor MB.

PAS, however, refused to do the same.

Kit Siang then met the PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang to inform him that if Wan Azizah takes over as the new Selangor MB, then PAS, DAP and PKR would each get RM100 million.

DAP needed that RM100 million to face the Sarawak election in 2016 and with that money it was confident that DAP can take the state.

PAS can use its RM100 million to retain Kelantan and take Terengganu, giving it two states.

PAS, however, refused to play ball.

The issue is not that PAS does not need the RM100 million.

It is that by naming Wan Azizah as its choice for MB, PAS will have to go into conflict with the sultan, like what DAP and PKR were doing.

So Wan Azizah did not become the new Selangor MB and DAP did not get its RM100 million for the Sarawak election.

In 2016 DAP failed to take Sarawak, as the results below show.

Sarawak Election:

2016: BN 72, DAP 7, PKR 3 (total 82)

2011: BN 55, DAP 12, PKR 3, Independent 1 (total 71)

2006: BN 62, DAP 6, PKR 1, SNAP 1, Independent 1 (total 71)

2001: BN 60, DAP 1, Independent 1 (total 62)

Agenda Putrajaya

Meanwhile, Kit Siang was playing another game at national level.

It is not enough it aims to retain Penang, share Selangor with PKR, and take Sarawak.

DAP must also take power in Putrajaya.

DAP has a potential to take around 55 or so parliament seats.

But it needs at least 115 seats to form the new federal government.

So that means it is short of about 60 seats.

The 60 seats must come from PKR and the mainly Malay-majority seats.

So that means these seats must be ‘stolen’ from Umno and contributed by PAS.

But PAS is no longer a member of the opposition coalition, Pakatan Harapan.

So that means Amanah must ‘steal’ the PAS seats while Pribumi must ‘steal’ the Umno seats.

In short, PKR, Amanah and Pribumi combined must provide the balance 60 seats so that, together with DAP’s 55 seats, they can form the new federal government.

But with PKR’s, Amanah’s and Pribumi’s combined 60 seats against DAP’s 55, that would mean DAP would be the leader of the new Pakatan Harapan federal government and it would be DAP who will decide who becomes PM like in the case of Perak in 2008.

PAS has more or less decided not to have anything to do with Amanah and DAP – plus all those who are collaborating with them: which means PKR and Pribumi included.

So the new Pakatan Harapan alliance of DAP, PKR, Amanah and Pribumi cannot depend on the PAS seats.

Amanah, however, cannot pull in the seats – or ‘steal’ the PAS seats.

That would mean Mahathir’s Pribumi has to deliver the bulk of the 60 Malay seats if the alliance wants to march into Putrajaya.

Lim Kit Siang may sink together with Mahathir once the special task force completed its investigation on the Bank Negara's forex scandal.
Lim Kit Siang may sink together with Mahathir once the special task force completed its investigation on the Bank Negara’s forex scandal.

But how is Mahathir going to get the bulk of these Malay seats?

He would do that by attacking Najib and by using 1MDB to attack Najib.

He hopes that by bringing down Najib, Umno would also be brought down.

But now 1MDB is no longer the time-bomb that Mahathir had planned for it to be.

There is an even bigger time-bomb.

That time-bomb is the RM44 billion Bank Negara forex scandal that by today’s value is about RM77 billion.

Yes, Bank Negara lost RM77 billion in 1992 at today’s value.

Mahathir’s hand in this whole scandal is going to be revealed very soon.

So Mahathir can no longer talk about 1MDB.

Worse still, Kit Siang can no longer keep quiet and pretend it did not happen.

After all, the Bank Negara scandal was a secret until Kit Siang exposed it in 1993 and 1994.

It was Kit Siang who had demanded that a Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) be set up to investigate this matter.

Kit Siang now has to now tread very carefully in dealing with Mahathir.

Mahathir is going down and if Kit Siang sails too close to Mahathir he was going to be dragged down as well.

The safest thing would be for Kit Siang to sail away and let Mahathir sink all on his own.

But then with just 55 seats, DAP cannot march into Putrajaya.

Najib must be falling off his chair and rolling on the floor laughing watching Mahathir and Kit Siang cling to one another and pull each other down. – Malaysia Today

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