Lim Kit Siang feels the heat

 |Jan 29, 2017
Lim Kit Siang once paraded himself like a paragon of virtues, but now the cat had got his tongue.
Lim Kit Siang once paraded himself like a paragon of virtues, but now the cat had got his tongue.

The closing of the monkey year has not been a very good period for Lim Kit Siang.

Monkeys are supposed to be mischievous creatures that like to play pranks on you.

Kit Siang probably feels there is never a truer word considering the way he has been acting these last couple of weeks.

Kit Siang boasted that he has spoken and written 10 million words over his last 50 years political career.

That may be true but he has always been in control of the ball all that time.

He has always been on the attack while he forces others to run for cover and go on the defence.

His last few articles, however, give an impression that Kit Siang no longer has control of the ball and is, in fact, running after the ball and chasing it all over the field.

This time Kit Siang is the one under attack and is in defensive mode.

I suppose this is what they mean by getting a taste of your own medicine.

Kit Siang is one person who cannot take his own medicine.

When he suffers an attack he loses his cool and goes berserk.

You can see from his last few blog postings that Kit Siang has lost it.

He is no longer in charge and he does not like that feeling.

It is like someone who has been sodomising others for 50 years finally getting it up his arse and not enjoying the feeling.

Kit Siang once a upon a time

For more than 30 years Kit Siang has been harping on the BMF scandal.

He wants a Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) to be set up to get to the bottom of the whole thing.

Kit Siang also wants a RCI to be set up to investigate the Bank Negara Malaysia Forex scandal that happened less than ten years later.

In fact, Kit Siang demands that all those involved to be sent to jail —Mahathir Mohamad, Daim Zainuddin and Anwar Ibrahim amongst them.

Today, though, Kit Siang no longer wants an RCI to be set up to get to the bottom of the BMF and Bank Negara Forex scandals, or for those involved to be sent to jail.

Instead, he wants them to take over the running of the country and to ‘Save Malaysia’.

Once Lim Kit Siang wanted Mahathir, Anwar and Daim all jailed for the Bank Negar-Forex Scandal. But now Kit Siang's silence is deafening.
Once Lim Kit Siang wanted Mahathir, Anwar and Daim all jailed for the Bank Negar-Forex Scandal. But now Kit Siang’s silence is deafening.

What about the BMF and Bank Negara Forex scandals?

Kit Siang no longer wants to talk about those scandals or for action to be taken against the culprits because all those criminals now support him as the next deputy prime minister (DPM) of Malaysia.

Anyway, for the younger generation who only woke up or gained political awareness around 2008 or so, you can read below ‘The BBMB story’ that was published by The Malaysian Bar (Badan Peguam Malaysia) on Aug 6, 2008.

The international media has this to say about the matter:
“Carrian Group became involved in a scandal with Bank Bumiputra Malaysia Berhad of Malaysia and Hong Kong-based Bumiputra Malaysia Finance (BMF). Following allegations of accounting fraud, a murder of a bank auditor, and the suicide of the firm’s adviser, the Carrian Group collapsed in 1983, the largest bankruptcy in Hong Kong.”

Kit Siang himself has written two books about the matter.

So if you want more details you can try to get your hands on these books.

Kit Siang calls this ‘the Scandal of Scandals’, or as they would say in the west, the mother of all scandals.

Kit Siang has sworn he was going to pursue this matter to the end – “sampai ke lubang cacing” as the Malays would say, or “leaving no stone unturned” in English.

So now is Kit Siang’s golden opportunity.

A few days ago the CIA gave Kit Siang a Chinese New Year present by declassifying and releasing documents related to the BMF affair.

So Kit Siang’s 34-year-old dream of bringing the culprits to book and ensure justice for Jalil Ibrahim can finally be realised.

Hence why the deafening silence from Kit Siang?

Has the cat got his tongue or what?

Loy Hean Heong (left) and Tunku Abdullah Tuanku Abdul Rahman.
Loy Hean Heong (left) and Tunku Abdullah Tuanku Abdul Rahman.

BMF Scandal affected Mahathir

Anyway, just to digress a bit, let me tell you a hilarious story.

Mahathir was very close to Tunku Abdullah Tuanku Abdul Rahman (Tuanku Abdul Rahman was the first Agong), who had saved him from getting detained by Tunku Abdul Rahman, first prime minister (PM) under the Internal Security Act back in 1969.

As a reward, when Mahathir became PM in 1981, he asked Loy Hean Heong to appoint Tunku Abdullah to the board of MBf Holdings Berhad and later appoint him the chairman.

Tunku Abdullah then invited Mahathir to officiate MBf’s new office and in his speech Mahathir kept saying BMF instead of MBF.

Mahathir appeared distracted and troubled by the BMF issue that he kept mentioning many times in his speech BMF when he should have said MBF.

There was a hushed silence in the crowd as everyone noticed this mistake.

Mahathir, however, never noticed his mistake and the media was told to blackout his speech and not report the error.

It was actually very embarrassing and it did not go unnoticed that Mahathir was very troubled by the BMF affair.

The Ahmad Noordin’s report

Nevertheless, the Auditor General Ahmad Noordin Zakaria conducted a Commission of Inquiry and came out with a very detailed report.

This was reported by The Malaysian Bar, which you can read below.

So you can read what Lorrain told me in Ahmad Noordin’s report anyway.

In 1986, a Commission of Inquiry headed by former Auditor-General Ahmad Noordin established that what was going on in BMF was just “the tip of the iceberg”, implying that bigger hands were at play.

The commission report was not tabled in Parliament and had limited public release – 2,000 copies at RM250 each.

Noordin was ostracised by the Mahathir administration for his findings, where he was even accused of colluding with the opposition.

In short, Mahathir killed that report.

This was what was troubling Mahathir when he officiated MBF’s function (which was around that same time) and he kept referring to MBF as BMF, much to the embarrassment of everyone assembled there that day.

Critics say that Lim Kit Siang today was a completely transformed person.
Critics say that Lim Kit Siang today was a completely transformed person.

Anyway, we shall talk more about that later as there is still much to talk about.

Today’s article is more about Lim Kit Siang and about how for more than 30 years he has been harping on the BMF issue.

Now, however, since Mahathir has agreed to make him the DPM if Pakatan Harapan marches into Putrajaya, Kit Siang wants to drop the BMF matter and no longer wants to talk about it or about the CIA’s report a few days ago.

If Mahathir can be called ‘The Great Liar’ then surely Kit Siang has earned the title ‘The Great Hypocrite’, just like Kim Il-sung was North Korea’s ‘The Great Leader’. – Malaysia Today

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