Lim Guan Eng under fire from journalists

Mar 15, 2017
Lim Guan Eng came under fire from Chinese press newsmen for labelling them ‘Media BN”.

The Malacca Journalist Association (MJA) has blasted DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng for showing utter disrespect to media professional conduct and its freedom by labelling the group as “Media BN”.

Expressing dismay against Guan Eng’s remarks, the association, which consisted mostly Chinese vernacular pressmen, stated that its members were upset over Lim’s remark.

Guan Eng has claimed that the media had exaggerated the numbers of 182 members who quit Malacca DAP a few days ago.

Should Lim have doubts on the exact figure of those who have resigned, then as a party secretary-general, he should have sought confirmation from his party committee to verify this instead of lashing at the media who covered the press conference on the mass resignation,” said MJA chairman Choong Kion Sin.

On Sunday, pressmen from vernacular Chinese papers covered the press conference on the resignation of 182 DAP members which was led by former Malacca DAP vice-chairman Liou Chen Kuang at the Kota Melaka service centre in Kota Laksamana here.

Guan Eng, when asked to comment on the mass resignation in Parliament on Monday, cynically said that the picture of those who resigned only showed 20 people but was reported as 182 people by the ‘BN Media’.

NST reported that the association has said Guan Eng should not have labelled the Chinese vernacular pressmen in Malacca as such as he was active in Malacca’s political arena for many years.

Choong said Guan Eng was aware of the professional handling of news reports by reporters in Malacca as he once served as a parliamentarian in Malacca before becoming the Penang Chief Minister.

This is unacceptable. Lim should not label the media who covered the press conference as ‘Media BN’.

This tarnishes the image of the media and its freedom,” he added.

When the association contacted Liou, the former DAP leader insisted that 182 DAP members had submitted resignation letters to DAP’s headquarters through PosLaju as of 4pm on Monday.