Less development in Semporna under Shafie’s stewardship, claims ex-assemblyman

 |Feb 10, 2017
Semporna MP Shafie Apdal
Semporna MP Shafie Apdal

Former rural and regional development minister Shafie Apdal has failed to address the basic amenities issues affecting Semporna while in power, claims former Bugaya assemblyman Basalie Abd Hamid.

Shafie who is also the Semporna Member of Parliament could have done better to raise the Semporna peoples’ standard of living, but neglected in tackling the basic issues such as lack of water supply to remote areas, adequate electricity supply to villages, waste management issues and unemployment among the locals.

“Shafie was in a powerful portfolio that could propel the living standard of the locals.

“Even his ministry gets a good allocation yearly, but not many development or progress seen within his own constituency.

“But now he is in the opposition, bluntly putting the blame on the state and federal government on the lack of basic amenities,” said Basalie who is also Semporna Umno division legal advisor.

According to Basalie, since Shafie quits Umno, the new leadership in Semporna has been working round the clock to meet the people and address the issues faced by the people.

Basalie said the Semporna Umno division has taken a friendlier approach tackling the pressing issues faced by the locals.

He also strongly believes Umno can retain its seat in Semporna traditionally held by Shafie by fielding a strong local candidate for the upcoming general election.

The Umno leadership should place a winnable and grassroot candidate preferred by the locals that will carry the Barisan Nasional spirit as well as enhance the constituency development.

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