Lavish lifestyle of young Datuk attracts attention

Apr 18, 2017
The posh lifestyle of Muhammad Saiful has caught public attention.

Malaysians have not even finished talking about the extraordinary wealth of the 28-year-old young ‘Datuk’ politician from PKR, Adam Rosly, another lavish lifestyle of a young ‘Datuk’, only 21, has now caught the public attention.

Muhammad Saiful Muhamad Ali postings on his Facebook and Instagram accounts seemingly depict a life of luxury, especially in a video he posted on his 21st birthday, have gone viral.

In the video, Muhammad Saiful and an older man, presumably his father, are seen descending from a private jet, getting into a Rolls Royce, flanked by an escort, and being driven to his birthday party held in a hall, featuring musical and dance performances.

The video was reportedly viewed over 300,000 times by Monday afternoon.

According to his Facebook posting, Muhammad Saiful is a director in a number of diverse businesses including scrap metal, convenience stores, a car wash and a recording studio, among others.

Based on a picture he posted on his Instagram account, Muhammad Saiful received the Darjah Indera Mahkota Pahang award, which carries the title ‘Datuk’ in 2015.