‘Kim Han-sol’ video emerges on YouTube

 |Mar 8, 2017
On the left is the man claiming to be Kim Han-sol while on the right is a 2011 photo of Han-sol by Rex Features.

A man, claiming to be Kim Han-sol from North Korea spoke on a video that surfaced on YouTube, speaking of his father who was killed ‘few days ago’.

It is known that Kim Jong-nam, the brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, has a son named Han-sol.

The video was uploaded by a YouTube account called ‘Cheollima Civil Defense’ on Mar 7, and the account only has one video.

The video only has close to 2,000 views to date.

It can’t be verified if the man in the video is indeed the son of Jong-nam, however, the former took to showing his passport on camera in a bid to prove that he is Han-sol.

Unfortunately, the image of the passport has been blackened on the video, and some parts of what the man said was put on mute.

Speaking in English, he began the recording by saying, “My name is Kim Han-sol from North Korea, part of the Kim family.”

“My father has been killed few days ago, I’m with my mother and sister and we’re very grateful to…,” he said.

The rest of his speech was put on mute and the audio came back on, only for him to finish the broadcast by saying, “We hope that this gets better soon ya.”

On Feb 13, a North Korean citizen, bearing a passport under the name Kim Chol was murdered at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 (Klia2) while waiting to board a flight to Macau.

Foreign press immediately identified him as Jong-nam, however there has been no verification made on the identity of the victim until today.

According to police, no family member has come forward to identify the body or to provide a DNA sample for verification purposes.