Johor MIC blasts DAP man for insulting monarch

 |Nov 7, 2016
Asojan (left) slammed Satees over his Facebook insults on Sultan Ibrahim and described him as rude and disrespectful.
Asojan (left) slammed Satees over his Facebook insults on Sultan Ibrahim and described him as rude and disrespectful.

The embattled DAP councillor M. Satees is under fire again for his insult against Johor’s Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar, this time from Johor MIC.

Its chief M. Asojan blasted Satees for being “rude and disrespectful” with his Facebook posting last Thursday against the sultan.

He said Johor MIC representing 66,000 members from 26 divisions and 519 branches “are angered by his insult to our sultan.”

“The decree given by His Highness on ‘Himpunan Bangsa Johor’ is to uphold peace, hormany and unity in our state. That was the intentions of Sultan Ibrahim,” said Asojan, telling off Satees to “keep his business” within Penang and not to interfere into affairs of other states.

“He should know his limits.

“Our sultan is a person who takes interest in our welfare and is a loving person.

“He wants the state to have peace and harmony and does not want a negative image on Johor because of street demonstration culture,” said Asojan.

In his FB posting made at 8.19pm on Nov 3, Satees, a councillor in Seberang Perai Municipality, has told off Sultan Ibrahim to: “Know your limit. You have no power to stop anyone from taking part in any peaceful assembly.”

“So, dear Sultan, you don’t try to undermine the highest law of the land by issuing your own ‘decrees’! Please know your limits, and act accordingly as the Constitutional Head of State.”

Satees has since removed the posting after he came under fire from various quarters over his posting, especially social media users.

Many wanted Satees to be dismissed as a councillor and disciplined by DAP, and investigated and prosecuted for sedition.

Last Thursday, Sultan Ibrahim banned street demonstration in Johor as it would only disrupt he peace and portray a negative image of the state.

A police report was lodged at the Johor Baru Sentral police station by MIC youth wing at 8.58pm on Sunday Nov 6.

Asojan has urged the police to take action against him as a lesson not only to him but to all social media users who insulted the monarchs.

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