Jamal flushed away Maria’s legal notice

 |Oct 5, 2016
Jamal flushes down Maria's letter of demand to the toilets.
Jamal flushes down Maria’s letter of demand to the toilet.

Red Shirts movement leader Jamal Yunos responded to the Yellow Shirts group leader Maria Chin Abdullah’s notice of demand by flushing down the legal letter in the toilet today.

Maria Chin has issued Jamal a 48-hour ultimatum to apologise over certain defamatory remarks that he had allegedly uttered against Bersih a few days ago.

“We, the Red Shirt movement will stick to our stance to uphold democracy and fight against anyone who tries to topple the elected government of the day.

“I would like to remind Maria and her group that we should respct the law and there are a lot of avenues to show the dissatisfaction towards the ruling party,” he told reporters at the Selangor Umno building lobby.

“I am not going to apologise to her (Maria) and this letter of demand is equivalent to a piece of shit to me.”

The Sungai Besar Umno division chief lodged a report in Dang Wangi district police station yesterday before handing over evidence at Bukit Aman police headquarters claiming that Bersih group had links with Islamic State (IS) terror group.

Maria has instructed her lawyers to issue a notice of demand to Jamal claiming that he had made “completely false, malicious and defamatory” statements by accusing that the Bersih rally had been plotted to take over airports and topple the federal government.

Murali is a contributor to MO. He advocates the principle of practising human rights with responsibility.