It’s not Christopher Zairil

Apr 21, 2017
Seademon says Kow Loke Chat (right) was the man that many said to be in the viral photos thought to be Christopher Ross Lim @ Zairil (left) of DAP.

Christopher Ross Lim, also known as Zairil Khir Johari, the Chinese male from DAP, has denied that the person seen kissing with a woman, who looks like Dyana Sofya from DAP, in recent viral photos, was him.

No, it’s not me. They are all fake and that is all I have to say,” he was reported to have said in a WhatsApp message to an English daily.

The woman said to be in the photos, Dyana Sofya, has not denied that she was not in the photo.

In her Facebook page, she alluded that the general election was near and that it was an intrusion of privacy.

This is the third personal attack within two months, I assume the general election must be very near. No matter who is in the photos or videos in which I allegedly feature, these are major privacy intrusions into that person’s life.”

I am sad that our political culture has gone to this. I have no time to entertain this type of personal and vindictive attacks,” she wrote.

Of course, the above rule does not apply to Najib Razak and his wife Rosmah Mansor when DAP attacks their personal life.

Meanwhile, in our search for the truth we have found the man said to look like Christopher, Kow Loke Chat, 42, of Bukit Bendera, admits being the one kissing Dyana.

I know you may not believe this but if I put on my suit and bow tie I look better than that Malay-wannabe Chinese boy,” he said.

Loke Chat attributes his youthful good looks to waking up early, peeing while squatting while facing the rising sun, and a good dose of moonshine at night before turning in.

We urge our readers who were born yesterday to believe that this was the man in those photos. – SeaDemon Says