It is not cricket, is it?

 |Mar 20, 2017

It comes as no surprise that the Australian government and its intelligence apparatus are often the last ones to know in factual and accurate terms what really goes on at home and in their own backyard.

Yet and unapologetically the Australian government, using tools of its foreign policy, the media and NGO’s, a euphemism for unofficial listening posts and paid agitators, continue to bait and irritate their neighbours in Asia.

Greenpeace, Cartias and several other organisations posing as NGO’s have all but been delegitimised in India for failing to declare their sources of funding and connections to foreign governments.

Regardless Greenpeace the US$400 million organisation and ‘charitable tax shelter’ for many of the world’s rich and famous, has stepped up its campaigns against the Indians by attacking the Adani group and Indian industrial giant who are about to open a $40 billion coal mine in North Central Queensland.

The latest in Australia’s corruption and political scandals it seems has its origins in the island state of Penang.

Dubbed the ‘Fat Leonard’ scandal after Francis Leonard, the Penang born marine contractor and ship chandler, the scandal has claimed the scalps of two US admirals and a number of high ranking naval and other defence personnel.

Amongst others currently under suspicion are two relative junior Australian officers who were liaison on one of the US navy’s Pacific fleet.

What’s never news when reported by Australia’s ‘ever vigilant’ media though is the fact that bribing Australian government personnel stationed abroad especially in Asia is as old as the hills.

It is has been said before that anything including government secrets can be had for a price in Australia.

The influx of Asian immigrants to Australia over the past three decades, many who fail to satisfy the most basic criteria for any class of visa, raises questions in this regard.

To many more it is the direct result of institutionalised government sanctioned corruption.

It has also been said before that the biggest people smuggler racket in Australia is run by NGO’s and the department of immigration on behalf of none other than government.

The estimated 750,000 illegals from South East Asia, Hong Kong and mainland China is the product of highly sophisticated mainly Asian criminal gangs operating in and outside of Australia.

Once known as ‘snake heads’ otherwise triads, their involvement in mass government ‘sanctioned’ illegal migration is hard to ignore.

The women’s lobby too has played a part in claiming that the one child policy in China should qualify women wanting more than one child under the human rights criteria to apply as refugees.

That view has opened the door for mass migration from mainland China in a class of its own.

A critical question is who funds these ideas and the subsequent investigations that follow and for what purpose?

The triads of South East Asia and Hong Kong have long been known to have infiltrated government in Australia beginning with the state of New South Wales.

They got in long before the late premier Sir Robert Askin, settled in nicely in Queensland during the time of Sir Joh Bjelke Petersen and have acquired access to government very other few lobbyists enjoy .

Australian High Commissioners to Malaysia, Hong Kong, Ambassadors to Jakarta and Bangkok from as far back as the 1960’s are known to have been feted with cash, jewelry, women and lavish dinners in exchange for visas, scholarships for Chinese students and for information relating to matters otherwise deemed confidential in government business.

‘Fat Leonard’ may not be a Chinese triad.

He has merely profited from a long tradition of how business is done in Asia.

What’s surprising is the reaction of Australians on hearing news of corruption associated with their perceived revered name and reputation of being ‘Mr. Clean’ in this region.

‘Fat Leonard’ is simply one cog in a very large wheel that has its treads in every reach of government in Australia, in Europe and the USA.

The mainland Chinese are not a people to expose their hand in any covert or clandestine operation abroad.

Often they engage the services of compromised third party agents like Wen Ho Lee the American Chinese scientist at Los Alamos in California to engage in espionage for them.

The mainland Chinese arte also known to have successfully recruited and fielded their one time arch enemy the triads in clandestine activities abroad in places like Australia.

It is practice not too dissimilar to the US government’s own historic alliances with the Mafia against ‘enemies’ like Fidel Castro, other foreign leaders and the trade unions.

All for a common purpose.

The presence of the triads in Australia from Sydney’s Darling Harbour to all of Chinatown in all its major cities is overlooked as a ‘cultural’ phenomenon, its dark side often exaggerated by the media.

Their sinister presence is more often than not only recognised in events like the sensational murders of the late Dr. Victor Chang.

Australians however appear to know very little about the triads and its all pervasive influence in all walks of life.

They are present in politics, the media, the law and commerce in Australia.

Much of this is the result of self-inflicted ignorance arising.

The four major Australian banks too have benefitted immensely from triad activities especially in helping to launder their money through the casinos and property market in Australia.

The fact that the immigration department has little money to spend on its enforcement work, that of tracking down illegals, like the ‘jet people’ (those who come to Australia from Southeast Asia by aircraft as tourists and students who then overstay) should have raised concerns in government and the media a long time ago.

It hasn’t.

The boat people instead have become a convenient distraction.

The distraction aided by the churches, politicians and the media has a sinister triad connection to it too.

The reach of the triads in Australia extends to the media and politicians linked to triads like the 14K, Wah Kee, Hung Meng Hui and Sio Sam Ong (three little emperors).

These and others like them are known to have contributed generously financially to churches and welfare organisations in Australia.

They have invested in political campaigns in the knowledge that their targets will come to their aid when the heat is turned on their communities.

The use of ‘ministerial discretion’ to allow selective illegals to remain in Australia where they otherwise fail to satisfy the entry requirements as permanent migrants is widespread.

This practice dates back to even before the late Al Grassby.

Mulgrave woman Xue Di Yan one of the biggest ‘madams’ in Australia in recent times is said to have had access to many a state and federal politician and to government servants ranging from the department of immigration and the tax office through services she extended to them via prostitutes.

‘Fat Leonard’s’ vices as presently reported is nothing but a regurgitation of age old practices too deep to root out or to cure especially in Australia.

Institutionalised corruption dates back to before Sir Robert Askin, Murray Farquar magistrate, the Whitlam government and Khemlani’s attempts to bypass the legitimate rule and authority of parliament.

It endures to this day.

Corruption in Australia is as recent as providing an ‘accommodation’ to former Indonesian president Habibie and his government for them not to attack Australian forces sent to Dili.

More recently of course it extends to the unauthorised channeling of between $88,000,000 to $340,000,000 of Australian taxpayer’s money to Hillary Clinton’s slush fund the Clinton Global Initiative.

With such a history it is no wonder that domestic corruption has never really been anything more than a fleeting moment of interest amongst Australians.

Gopal Raj Kumar is a MO reader and contributor.