Israel tightens security

Sep 17, 2016
Israel tightens security following latest street attacks.
Israel tightens security following latest street attacks.

Israeli police say they shot dead a Jordanian resident after he tried to stab officers at a heavily-armed entrance to Jerusalem’s Old City.

Israeli police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld says the area was then quickly secured.

“Heightened security in and around the Old City is taking place at the moment where a number of different police units have been mobilized in order to prevent any further attacks from taking place.”

But it was in fact one of two street attacks on Friday.

Outside Hebron in the occupied West Bank, a car carrying two people rammed into a civilian bus stop near a Jewish settlement – injuring three civilians.

Reuters reported that Israel police killed one person in the car and wounded the other.

Scenes like this have become all too familiar in the region.

The attacks started in October of last year when Palestinians became angry over Jewish access to holy sites revered by Muslims and Jews.

The related violence has left nearly 250 people dead.

Israel security has heightened after latest street attacks.