If the DAP is the Titanic, the ROS may be the iceberg.

 |Aug 9, 2016
DAP members claimed that the 2012 CEC poll was rigged to keep the party firmly under the clutch of Lim Dynasty.
DAP members claimed that the 2012 CEC poll was rigged to keep the party firmly under the clutch of Lim Dynasty.

Yesterday, I gave DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng 24 hours to reveal the third reason why he desperately needed PKR to support his snap election proposal (refer http://www.malaysia-today.net/nurul-izzah-checkmates-azmin-ali-and-lim-guan-eng/).

His 24 hours are more than up, so let us proceed to a new chapter by discovering how the snap election fiasco is tied to an event that took place on the 15th of December in 2012.

On that day, the DAP conducted its 16th National Congress and central executive committee (CEC) elections.

Everything seemed to go smoothly at first.

However, almost as soon as the results were tabulated, several DAP members and delegates began to cry foul.

They claimed that a conspiracy existed to ensure that the party remained firmly in the clutches of the Lim Dynasty.

Their grouses stemmed from alleged irregularities that became the buzz in media for quite a while.

The following month, a very strange and enigmatic announcement was made by the party.

Its returning officer, Pooi Weng Keong, told the media on Jan 3 2013 that a technical glitch had occurred in the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet the party had used to tabulate the results.

Strangely enough, the party leadership did not see the need to hold a re-election, despite the results being stained with doubt and suspicion.

What’s more, it took an astonishing 19 days for the DAP to come out and admit that such a ‘glitch’ had occurred.

Now isn’t that peculiar, particularly since it is coming from a party whose leaders practically ‘pioneered’ – in Malaysia, that is – the use of blogs and social media to launch scathing attacks against Barisan Nasional (BN)?

Anyway, Pooi told the media that Vincent Wu Him Ven was mistakenly announced as receiving 1,202 votes when in fact, he had only gotten 669 votes.

Imagine, Wu was relegated from position number 6 to 26 almost overnight, while Zairil Khir Johari, the only Malay member of the CEC, made a miraculous jump into the 20th spot after it was announced that he had secured 803 votes and not 305 as it was reported earlier.

The announcement sent DAP members into frenzy.

They were struck by shock, as Zairil’s amazing leap came on the heels of complaints that the CEC lacked a representative from the Malay community.

Six days later, several disgruntled DAP members called for fresh elections to restore public confidence in the party, which they claimed had been badly tarnished by the screw-up.

However, Guan Eng refused to entertain their requests despite there being allegations that more than a thousand delegates did not receive their meeting notices.

Worse, it was alleged that several hundred persons had illegally voted during the CEC election.

Furious, the disgruntled faction sought recourse to the Registrar of Societies (RoS) and spilled their grumbles there.

Three months later, on the 18th of April, the ROS issued a statement saying it did not recognise the CEC due to the dispute surrounding the party elections.

Note, this is not equivalent to the ROS invalidating the election result as the DAP might have you believe.

It simply means the ROS required the dispute to be resolved before it could recognise the CEC – nothing more, nothing less.

The ROS warned that the DAP could face deregistration should it fail to resolve the dispute within a month.

However, a defiant and incensed Guan Eng called for a press conference the same day and gave ROS an ultimatum of sorts.

Guan Eng told the ROS to revoke its directive, failing which the DAP would use PAS and PKR banners to contest in the general election, then scheduled to be held on May 5, 2013.

Now, what Guan Eng did was unprecedented.

He had no business issuing an ultimatum of any sort to the ROS, as the department was merely exercising its powers to administer and enforce the Societies Act 1966 and the Societies Regulations 1984.

Guan Eng’s presser was nothing but a major publicity stunt to get people to believe that the ROS was politically motivated in its actions.

On the very same day, the Election Commission (EC) announced that the DAP could still field its candidates during the general election despite the ROS position on the CEC.

But Guan eng was not satisfied.

The next day, the DAP announced that it would contest in the general election using PAS and PKR tickets.

Can you see how Guan Eng was politicising a non-issue?

I say non-issue, because the ROS had made a responsible and legitimate request for the DAP to resolve issues that were staring the party in the face.

If Guan Eng was so sure that the CEC election was free of conspiracy, then what was the fuss? Why was he not willing to comply with the ROS request?

He never really did come out to explain that to us.

Instead, he called a press conference similar to the one he recently held, in which he claimed to be the victim of a political conspiracy by the ruling BN to “finish him off.”

Back on April 19, 2013, he told the press that the ROS was playing politics to “sabotage” the DAP’s chances at the general election.

“We will not surrender … It is a battle of survival. How do we explain to the voters why we need to contest using another party’s logo?”

That was not the business of the ROS, and Guan Eng knew it. He was telling lies while shedding crocodile tears.

My question is, can Guan Eng come out tomorrow and reiterate that a political conspiracy to sabotage the DAP’s chances at the 2013 poll existed?

Can he explain to us what the conspiracy was all about? More importantly, can he prove to us that such a conspiracy existed? Take my word for it – he can’t.

Not only does he not have the balls to do it, he knows as well as I do that a conspiracy never existed.

The reason being, not only did the 2013 general election go on smoothly, the DAP campaigned under its own banner without a problem.

If indeed the ROS or the Election Commission wanted to play dirty, they could have found ways to prevent DAP candidates from contesting in the election. But they didn’t.

In fact, the late Karpal Singh declared that the party was satisfied with its performance during the general election and had no complaints.

Ergo, it was proven that the RoS had not conspired to sabotage the DAP’s chances.

But did Guan Eng retract his April 19 statement and issue an apology to the ROS? No.

Then, on Sep 12, 2013, a booklet titled – ‘The Equity Report’, emerged.

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