‘I never intended to suggest Tun M supreme leader’

 |Feb 10, 2017
File pic credit Twitter Zaid Ibrahim.
File pic credit Twitter Zaid Ibrahim.

Former Law Minister Zaid Ibrahim said he never intended to suggest that Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (Pribumi) chairman Mahathir Mohamad was the ‘supreme leader’.

Taking to his Twitter, Zaid wrote, “When people say opposition leaderless, I tried to clarify. I never intended to suggest Tun M supreme leader. Ok no more on the subject.”

Earlier on, he had also posted the following tweet, “Well. Now I have to cease giving my personal views on almost anything. I hope reporters will make it easier for me by not asking.”

Earlier, in an interview with Malay Mail Online, published today, Zaid was quoted as saying, “We have a leader. Just that it’s not spoken or proclaimed. But Mahathir is the de facto (leader) and I’m happy with that.”

Zaid who joined DAP last Tuesday said Mahathir was the only leader with the calibre to unite and lead the Opposition, since Anwar Ibrahim is in prison.

“I think he is the de facto leader now. He is the only leader with an opinion, strong, who has the experience,” Zaid said.

Following that, DAP’s Gobind Singh Deo came out to say there was no silent agreement amongst the opposition pact of Mahathir being their de facto chief.

In a statement to deny what Zaid said, Gobind stressed no such thing was ever discussed nor agreed upon by the Central Executive Committee (CEC) of the DAP.

“I find it strange that Zaid has chosen to make such an announcement as a DAP member without first consulting the party leadership.

“He should know better. It is the CEC which decides on behalf of the DAP and there has never been any such decision made,” he said in the statement shared on his Facebook account today.

The matter of who is leading the Opposition coalition has been talked about a great deal, however no one has proclaimed Mahathir to be the de facto chief.

In a blogpost today, Zaid said he was a team player, denying allegation he was a prima donna.

“I come from a humble background and it’s not my style to stride about like a peacock flaunting my feathers.

“To those who label me power crazy, I say that giving up a Ministerial position, as I did, should tell them a few things about me,” Zaid wrote, referring to the post of Law Minister which he once held while in Umno.

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