I know the Indian struggle very well, tells Raja Sara Petra

 |Sep 26, 2016
Raja Sara Petra tells Satees Muniandy that she is not a youing girl who doesn't know about Malaysian politics
Raja Sara Petra tells Satees Muniandy that she is not a youing girl who doesn’t know about Malaysian politics

Political commentator Raja Sara Petra trained her gun against DAP Seberang Perai municipal councilor Satees Muniandy for calling her a young girl that is naïve and immature about Malaysian politics.

Raja Sara in her rebuttal tells Satees that she knows about the history of the Indian ‘struggle’.

“MIC started as a socialist party and when first formed in 1946 it was to fight for India’s independence from Britain.

“That is why it adopted the ‘Congress’ in its name, after India’s Congress Party that was founded in 1885.

“During WWII, many Malaysian Indians supported Subhas Chandra Bose of India, who collaborated with Germany and the Japanese.” said Raja Sara.

Satees in his comment said that “Her comment shows that the young girl is naive and immature when she talks about politics. While I don’t undermine the young people who like to get involved in political debates, I also would like to point out that they should carefully analyse their points before they making any biased comments.”

She added that Bose actually supported the Japanese occupation of Malaya while the Chinese and Malays went into the jungle to fight the Japanese.

“Many Malay soldiers died fighting the Japanese, even members of the royal family (as did the Chinese in MPAJA).

“So please do not talk to me about struggles. In fact, the Kelantan Malays rose against the British in 1915 and Tok Janggut was hanged for triggering this uprising.

“So let me assure you that the Indians in DAP do not have a monopoly on ‘struggles’.” she added.

Raja Sara in her own experience in 2000 when she was 12 years old went to to Lunas for the by-election that Saifuddin Nasution of PKR won against MIC, my first political ‘outing’.

PKR won that by-election and managed to deny BN its two-thirds majority in the Kedah State Assembly

Even in 2004 when Raja Sara was 16 years old campaigned for Abdul Rahman Othman of PKR (and now in PAS) in Putrajaya against Tengku Adnan Mansor of Umno and went all over Putrajaya to put up posters and slept under a tent

“DAP and PKR did nothing to help us even when we asked for help. Only PAS helped us, even its President, Abdul Hadi Awang, who came to Putrajaya to ceramah. No one from PKR or DAP did that.

“And my reason for mentioning Gerakan to those Indians who are disillusioned with MIC is because Gerakan does not play hate politics like DAP.

“My grandfather supported and voted for that party in the 1969 general election because he wanted non-racial politics. And I consider my grandfather, one of the first Malay barristers, a wise man.

Raja Sara’s great-grandfather was Raja Sir Tun Uda, the first Penang governer in 1957 and before Merdeka the Menteri Besar of Selangor. None of their family members were Umno members.

Ramani has been a writer and analyst for the past 10 years believes in fair news reporting.