Hindraf slams Mahathir’s ‘keling’ innuendo

 |Aug 6, 2016


Hindraf chairman P Waythamoorthy trained his gun on former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamed for labeling Indians as ‘Keling’ in a video clip widely circulated via social media.

Speaking to MO, Waytha said he is shocked to see the former premier to use such a word that is considered sensitive to Indians.

“By using the sensitive word it is  unbecoming of him as a statesmen.

“Having viewed the viral video it does look like what came out of him as something natural a ‘look down feeling’ on Indians.

“He probably had in him all the while.

“I received several phone calls from Indians expressing their outrage at Mahathir for his derogatory term,” said Waytha.

Waytha told that many have expressed their anger and threatened to withdraw from his save Malaysia movement.

“A noble man would not say such a thing.

“Mahathir should be careful in what he says now that he is leading and uniting opposition political parties.

“He must understand the Indians are angry with his statement,” added Waytha.

Earlier, today former PKR man S Murali has lodged a police report against Mahathir for using the ‘keling’ word in the 15 seconds video clip.