Happy New Year 2017

Jan 1, 2017

MO New Year 2017 Wish

Malaysia Outlook wishes everyone a Happy New Year 2017.

Just leave all bitter memories of 2016 behind us and let’s start refreshed with new aspirations for 2017.

The year 2016 that had just gone by, can be described as a year of political and economic uncertainty, notably the sliding of ringgit against the US dollars.

But the federal government headed Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak have been taking effective measures through Bank Negara to strengthen the ringgit.

Hope 2017 would see stability in ringgit and powerful economic growth to boost the country and its people.

Politically we have seen emergence of new alliance in the opposition bloc headed by a former premier.

Actually this opposition bloc has been working in cahoots for past few years merely to oust legitimately elected Malaysian prime ministers.

The opposition coalition thought it had knocked Najib off his perch in Putrajaya in 2015, failed.

Again it dreamt that Najib would not survive 2016.

Well! Najib will lead Malaysians to usher in 2017.

Although 2018 is the stipulated time to call for the 14th general election (GE14), speculations have rife that a snap national poll could be held in 2017.

Malaysians could well decide on whether to let Umno-led Barisan Nasional coalition to continue to rule the roost at Putrajaya or to go for a change of guards.

A new year always begins for everyone with a sense of infinite possibilities.

Like a birth of a child, a new year rekindles hopes that failed to materialise a year before or even previous years.

Everyone would feel “born again” on Jan 1 each year.

A new year has always been a new inspiration, impetus and motivation for everyone to achieve something.

2017 is no exemption.

It will soon be occupied with joy, sorrow, fun-filled activities, all kind of promises and commitments, pleasures and disappointments, work, play, friends and family members.

A new calendar can be just as powerful a motivating force as a new job, degree, relationship, home and achievement.

Everyone shall be busy to make their ends meet via their own means.

Some people would pass new year resolutions, without realising that they may have failed to achieve most of their previous year’s resolutions, while others, who may have realised their previous failures, would eschew them.

Success and failures would be common.

Self-satisfaction can happen to some, but may not for others.

Whatever it is, a new year is a new year … for all to rejoice and welcome it with open arms, rekindle our hopes and resume our journey to achieve them.

Let’s welcome 2017. Happy New Year.