Hanifah Hajar disinterested in FAS top job

Oct 24, 2016
FA Sarawak Advisor Hanifah Hajar Taib Alsree.
Sarawak FA Advisor Hanifah Hajar Taib Alsree.

The Football Association of Sarawak’s (FAS) new advisor  Hanifah Hajar Taib-Alsree is not interested in becoming the president of the association and wants a more suitable candidate for the job.

According to Borneo Post Online, the Sarawak Governor  Taib  Mahmud’s youngest child believed that she can contribute effectively to FAS in her current capacity and need not become the president, adding that she would need to consider many things before she could accept the president’s post.

“What is most important is to choose a person who is best qualified for the presidency for the sake of Sarawak, FAS, players and fans…it is not necessary for me to be president,” Hanifah reportedly said.

“If I am not able to carry out my responsibilities as president, it would be a sin in terms of trust.”

Hanifah said she was happy with her current role of providing advice and contributing in ways that could help the Sarawak football team and motivate its players.

FAS is currently without a president, after its former incumbent  Sudarsono Osman decided not to defend the post, and no other candidate ran for the post at the FAS’ polls on Sept 17.

FAS deputy president Abdul Wahab Rahim has said the election for the president’s post would be held during FAS’ general meeting next January.

According to the FAS constitution, a general meeting may be held three months after the last general meeting and elections can only be held during the meeting.