Hadi hopes amendment to Act will succeed

Feb 19, 2017
Hadi hopes the proposal to amend the Act will succeed. Photo from Himpunan 355 Facebook page
Hadi hopes the proposal to amend the Act will succeed. Photo from Himpunan 355 Facebook page

PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang hoped that the proposal to amend the Syariah Courts (Criminal Jurisdiction) Act 1965, or Act 355, would succeed and prove beneficial for the people in the country.

Speaking at the RU355 rally attended by thousands of supporters in Kuala Lumpur Saturday evening, he said there was no reason for non-Muslims to object to the proposed amendment as it would not affect them.

He pointed out that the Federal Constitution had stated that the Sharia Court only dealt with the Muslims.

“(However) We must ensure that the Sharia Court is of high standing. On this basis, we must fulfill our duty (in making the amendment),” he said.

According to Abdul Hadi, failure of the human-made legal system was among the causes of crime.

The RU355 rally was organised to explain to Muslims on the proposed amendments to the Act.

Among other things, the proposed amendment would involve efforts to impose heavier penalties for offences committed by Muslims only and would not affect the non-Muslims.

On Nov 24 last year, Abdul Hadi had tabled a Private Member’s Bill called the Syariah Courts (Criminal Jurisdiction) (Amendment) Bill 2016 in the Dewan Rakyat.

Meanwhile, Dang Wangi police chief ACP Mohd Sukri Kaman said the rally which started from 2pm went well without any untoward incidents.

A total of 2,000 officials and members from various units within the police force were deployed to maintain security during the peaceful assembly.

Among those who attended and spoke at the rally were Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Jamil Khir, PAS deputy president Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man, representatives of non-Muslim associations and religious personalities. –Bernama