Graft accused Guan Eng to face contempt proceedings

 |Sep 21, 2016
AG Apandi has obtained leave to press contempt of court proceedings against Guan Eng.
AG Apandi has obtained leave to press contempt of court proceedings against Guan Eng.

Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng’s dramatised roadshows to negate the corruption charges against him in public eyes had finally got him into legal trouble.

The Attorney-General (AG) Mohamed Apandi Ali has obtained High Court leave today to press ahead with a contempt of court proceeding against Guan Eng over his press statements regarding his graft case.

Senior federal counsel Amarjeet Singh confirmed that Judge Hanipah Farikullah gave the go-ahead during case management of the matter in her chambers this morning in Kuala Lumpur.

Amarjeet, who represented the AG, said the legal action was against Guan Eng for having allegedly scandalised the courts over his media statements that surfaced in online social media.

He said that the AG’s legal team would file court papers to initiate committal proceedings within two weeks.

Guan Eng, the DAP secretary-general, was not represented during the ex-parte (only one party present) matter.

Guan Eng has alleged told a press conference that the “trumped up corruption charges” against him were part of a conspiracy involving the courts to imprison him.

The press conference allegedly took place during the launch of the Dr Wu Lian Teh Symposium at the Penang Institute in Jalan Brown, George Town.

On June 30, Guan Eng, also the Bagan MP and Air Putih assemblyman, was charged at the George Town High Court for two counts of corruption, both which he claimed trial.

On the first count, Guan Eng was accused of having used his position as a civil servant to obtain gratification for him and his wife, Betty Chew Gek Cheng by approving an application by Magnificent Emblem Sdn Bhd to convert an agricultural land to a residential land while chairing a state planning committee (SPC) meeting on July 18, 2014.

For the second charge, Guan Eng was accused of using his position to purchase a house from businesswoman Phang Li Koon for RM2.8 million, which was a value he knew was below the property’s market value of RM4.27 million, on July 28 last year.

Apandi filed the originating summons on Aug 18.