Government to study BR1M mechanism to create entrepreneurs

Jan 6, 2017


The government is looking into other ways the 1Malaysia People’s Aid (BR1M) will enable its recipients to start their own businesses and become entrepreneurs, Treasury Secretary-General Irwan Serigar Abdullah said.

Irwan said that the government’s move to improve the cash handout mechanism to the people in order to make the programme more effective.

“We will find mechanism on how BR1M can be implemented efficiently.

“Also studying how BR1M can be used to provide training for them.

“Use it wisely so they can start a market (business). We want to make sure before implementing,” Irwan said.

He also told that it is part of government ‘upwards mobility’ plan for the Bottom 40 group especially.

Irwan said that the government is already in the midst of implementing an initiative to allow BR1M recipients who do not own cars, to use their BR1M cash as down payment to buy the latest Proton Iriz and become Uber drivers.

Prime Minister Najib Razak had in his 2017 Budget speech last year, announced a special RM4,000 rebate for BR1M recipients to purchase Proton Iriz and become Uber drivers.