Gerakan urges Bersih and Red Shirts to drop plans for rallies

 |Aug 5, 2016


Kohilan Pillay of Gerakan wants both Yellow and Red Shirts to scrap their rallies.
Kohilan Pillay of Gerakan wants both Yellow and Red Shirts to scrap their rallies.

Gerakan vice president A Kohilan Pillay calls both Bersih and Red shirts to drop plans for rallies to avoid potential conflict and unnecessary tensions.

In a press statement, he said that Gerakan respects the right to peaceful assembly as enshrined in the Federal Constitution, the party appeals to fellow peace-loving Malaysians to consider potential consequences by taking to the streets.

Kohilan expressed concern that the upcoming Bersih 5 rally may meet with more counter-rallies in return and the nation may descend into a similar situation in Thailand with prolonging political standoff.

He said unlawful and confrontational rallies will induce political fatigue, undermining public safety, eroding social unity as well as undermining socio-economic development.

“It is premature and prejudice for Bersih to call for peaceful rally to protest issues affecting 1MDB as investigations conducted by the US Department of Justice is still ongoing.

“It is inconclusive at the moment and the lawsuit is potentially flawed as argued by some legal experts.

“Malaysian government is not involved in the lawsuit, Bersih should not call for peaceful rally in the presence of emotional bias and technical ignorance,” said Kohilan.

He reminded that due process and procedural matters must not be discounted, allegations against 1MDB and the leadership of the country must be legally proven or convicted before any further action is pursued.

Kohilan added that it is important for Bersih and Red Shirts to respect rule of law, they should maintain neutrality and senses of responsibility towards the country.