Gerakan to submit graft video to Governor

 |Aug 30, 2016
Oh Tong Keong (left) and Hng Khoon Leong at the press conference.
Oh Tong Keong (left) and Hng Khoon Leong at the press conference.

The video of a DAP lawmaker’s father involved in an alleged bribery will be submitted to Penang Governor Abdul Rahman Abbas for further action.

Penang Gerakan vice-chairman Oh Tong Keong said it was the party’s duty to do so as it was convinced that the ruling DAP-led state government would not take action on Sungai Pinang representative Lim Siew Khim or her father, Lim Keat Seong on the alleged graft.

Oh said although Siew Khim had denied of being aware about her father’s alleged soliciting bribes from potential house buyers in Penang, she should be investigated by the relevant authorities.

“The DAP government will close chapter as this as it involved its own lawmaker.

“Hence, we will send the video to the governor, so he could look into the matter, order an investigation and take the necessary action,” Oh told Malaysia Outlook today.

A five-minute video clip went viral in the social media since Sunday, allegedly featuring Keat Seong, 68, dealing with some ‘victims’ in an alleged bribery deal to obtain low cost houses in Penang.

During a Monday press conference, Penang Gerakan aired the video clip, which is also accessible on Penang Kini Facebook page, at its office.

In subsequent press conference held at her service centre in Jelutong, Siew Khim and her mother tearfully denied any involvement over the matter.

They insisted that Keat Seong had no influence over the allocation of low cost housing in Penang anyway.

But Siew Khim admitted that Keat Seong was featured in the video clip.

Instead of clearing her’s or her father’s name from the alleged graft incident, Siew Khim accused Gerakan of “exposing’ the matter with intention to divert attention from the party’s internal squabbles.

In a typical response ala DAP, Siew Khim’s legal adviser, Seri Delima assemblyman RSN Rayer also threatened to sue Gerakan if the party pursued the corruption allegation further.

Rayer warned those who tried to smear Siew Khim’s name would face the music as the attack was unfounded and without basis.

Earlier at a press conference in Penang Gerakan office, George Town, Oh told newsmen that as a state opposition, his party was duty bound to highlight and question wrongdoings or allegations of corruption on the state government for check and balance purpose.

Also present was Penang Gerakan anti-corruption and land sub-committee chief Hng Khoon Leng.

He said Penangites wanted to know:

  • If it was true Keat Seong had received bribes as portrayed in the video clip.
  • If it was true that the money was to cut queues to secure affordable housing units in Penang.
  • Where did this money go after soliciting bribes from potential buyers?
  • If the DAP-led state government will take legal action over the matter.

Oh also called on the state government to form set up an investigation commission to probe into the case.

He also challenged Rayer to sue Gerakan if the DAP representative wanted to, as he questioned on whether the legal threat conformed the DAP’s CAT mantra based on competency, accountability and transparency.

“If Rayer wants to sue, please go ahead. The people are on our side and that’s what matters.

“Where is DAP’s CAT? CAT is indeed dead,” said Oh … Video

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