George Soros’ world biggest media conspiracy – Part 4

 |Dec 8, 2016

George Soros Empire

But how did Mahathir manage to get the world media to participate?

Through Soros, of course.

The billionaire magnate owns significant holdings in all the major-league media channels and offers grants and donations to world news outlets that are willing to do to his bidding.

In some cases, editors and journalists working for a news channel receive payments to deliver editorials in ways he deems fit.

That basically accounts for the almost complete blackout by the world media of the consent decree that Soros signed in a United States District Court over a Securities and Exchange Commission case involving stock manipulation.

Soros was fined USD75,000 by the Commodities Futures Trading Commission for holding positions “in excess of speculative limits.”

Many of you are not aware of the story simply because it was never reported by the mainstream media.

This is the same mainstream media that tells us how Soros has never received money from drug cartels or engaged in any form of criminal activity.

But the truth is, he sets up most of his operations offshore, in zones that are known to be conducive for money laundering activity.

A CIA Facebook posting described the Netherlands Antilles where Quantum is situated as “a transhipment point for South American drugs bound for the US and Europe, money-laundering centre.”

This, too, is conveniently blacked out by the media.

Then, there is the fact that Soros had purchased a major stake in one of Columbia’s biggest banks at a time when the Drug Enforcement Administration released a study titled Columbian Economic Reform: the Impact on Drug Money Laundering within the Columbian Economy.

The study revealed how major drug kingpins were pulling illicit drug revenue into legitimate businesses by taking advantage of the liberalised Columbian economy.

You’re reading it for the first time here.

George Soros Empire

In other news, a Soros grant was once channelled to a Linda Evans, who former US president Bill Clinton pardoned for her involvement in the Weather Underground terrorist group.

The group was responsible for a 1991 robbery in which three murders were committed and a series of bombings were executed.

Members of the group were also responsible for the bombing of the US Capitol in November 1983.

You were told of the murders and the bombings, but not of the grant that Soros had channelled to Linda Evans.

Neither did the media ever tell you of Soros’ approval for the unrestricted distribution of drugs to street children on the pretext of “preventing an outbreak of disease.”

His funds have secretly financed politicians in the US and the UK who supported the legalisation of marijuana and who were supportive of the unrestricted sale of non-prescription drugs.

Most news channels, the New York Times and Washington Post included, skate over the fact that the OSF played a major role in US policy-making in a bid to legalise the sale of marijuana.

Yes, what Soros aspires for is a docile world majority that is hooked on drugs and easy to control.

While the sale of marijuana is legalised, he makes the bucks, which in turn, helps finance most of his media campaigns against various world governments.

Some of the funds were turned into grants and donations that ended with various media personalities and news channels.

Among the many news channels, establishments and personalities that were ‘silenced’ through Soros’ ‘donations’ and/or patronage are the, Media Access Project, CBS News, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, CNN, ABC, BBC, Dan Rather (CBS Evening News), Judith Miller (New York Times), Professor Mark Crispin Miller at New York University, Eric Alterman (whose mentor, I.F. Stone, was a KGB and Stalinist paid agent) of The Nation, Orvile Schell of the Los Angeles Times, the Independent Media Institute, the Centre of Investigative Reporting, Charles Lewis (former CBS News producer and head of Centre for Public Integrity), Danny Schecter, Fund for Investigative Journalism, and several investigative reporters and editors with various news networks.

That basically constitutes the controlling segment to the world media collective that channels ‘truths’ into the Malaysian mainstream and the internet.

George Soros.
George Soros.

Just so that you know, Soros personally ‘owns’ The Guardian, a British national daily purportedly owned by the Scott Trust Limited, and lays terms on what may or may not be published.

Incidentally, it was The Guardian that once published a breaking story on the so-called 1MDB conspiracy titled 1MDB: the Inside Story of the World’s Biggest Financial Scandal.

Let us not forget Marcus Ambrose Paul Agius, the so-called senior non-executive director of the BB’s board, the very news corporation that both Rewcastle and her husband were once associated with.

Marcus is wed to Katherine de Rothschild, the daughter of Major Edmund Leopold de Rothschild, a well-placed English financier and member of the prominent Rothschild banking family of England.

Through the Rothschilds association with the BBC, Soros wields some form of control over material that is aired by the news corporation.

I am told, it was Marcus who insisted that Soros get in touch with Rewcastle, whose guts the billionaire financier hates to this day.

It is because of this hatred that Soros did not want to approach the Sarawak Report chief editor himself, which basically explains why it was Blair’s people who went to her instead.

Then, late in November 2014, Soros was approached by a Mahathir associate to assist in launching a world media campaign to destroy Najib and 1MDB. – Malaysia Today

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