George Soros-funded international syndicate of saboteurs – Part 2

 |Dec 12, 2016


What is even more ironic, is the fact that Clare Rewcastle Brown’s Nov 29, 2016 attempt at a rebuttal was eerily coincidental with an editorial featured by Malaysia Chronicles – another fake news channel run by Tian Chua and someone close to him – implying that I had been paid by Rosmah Mansor, the wife of the Prime Minister, to come up with a series of exposes against her (Rewcastle) and the media collective.

Tell me, isn’t it somewhat queer how Rewcastle seems to dissociate herself from Tian Chua and yet seems to roll all her fabrications out in tandem with those by Malaysia Chronicles?

How are Malaysians not to believe that both Rewcastle and Tian Chua (and perhaps, his Malaysia Chronicle friend) were complicit to run the gamut of conspiracy against me?

As if the allegation by Malaysia Chronicles did not have enough crap in it to go around for the week, last Thursday, a John Berthelsen of the Asia Sentinel joined in the fray by implying that I was a paid ‘hit-man’, this time, using funds the Prime Minister had siphoned from 1MDB.

That must make me a helluva rich man then – getting paid by the Prime Minister’s wife and through funds siphoned off 1MDB.

It’s a wonder that I have yet to write an article alleging that the Pope was involved in a conspiracy to destroy 1MDB and Najib.

With that kind of money, I don’t mind telling you it was Rewcastle who parted the Red Sea, not Moses.

Yes, Rewcastle and her team will say anything under the sun – and I mean anything – as long as it serves to discredit me or anyone who attempts to defend Najib or 1MDB.

Next, she’ll tell you that I am being funded by the Pope himself, after which she would probably get the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) to spin a report claiming that I had been funded by the Ayatollahs.

Just to be sure, John Berthelsen was once a correspondent with the Asian Wall Street Journal (AWSJ), the very ASWJ that former Malaysian Premier Mahathir Mohammad had censured in 1986 for posting a series of articles that were critical of his administration.

The articles, authored by Berthelsen together with his then colleague, Raphael Pura, implied that the Mahathir administration had housed officials who engaged in financial transactions that were fraudulent in nature.

The reports, which did not please Mahathir one bit, prompted the revocation of Berthelsen’s work permit along with that of Rapheal.

The New York Times (NYT) was quick to censure Mahathir for what it claimed was the grand old man’s role in destroying press freedom in Malaysia.

In a Sept 30, 1986 release, the paper quoted a Leonard R. Sussman as saying that the climate for press freedom in the whole region had deteriorated.

Sussman, a known Soros advocate, was then the executive director of Freedom House, a so-called independent organisation in Manhattan that monitors human rights issues.

Many officials who served under the freedom banner were quick to censure reports that so much as threw hints of Soros’ involvement with drug cartels or terrorist organisations to fund media.

Yet, they seemed free with their criticisms against Mahathir and regularly accused his administration of being oppressive and against the spirit of press freedom.

Berthelsen is a known Sussman associate.

Like Sussman, he, too, was very loud against the Mahathir administration for stifling press freedom in Malaysia.

On Sept 17, 2009, he accused Mahathir of deliberately holding up copies of an authoritative biography that was critical of the latter’s 22 years in office.

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