G-25 – A group of morons

 |Aug 29, 2016


The G25 or ‘Group of Eminent Malaysians’ is making such a big fuss over something that was actually the result rather than the cause of the problem.

What a group of morons!

Have they not heard the saying ‘cure the cause and not cure the symptoms of the disease’?

You need to cure the cause, not the symptoms, and once you cure the cause the symptoms will automatically disappear into thin air all by itself.

These morons call themselves the ‘Group of Eminent Malaysians’, kononnya (so-called).

In a news report from Free Malaysia Today, these G25 morons are arguing about amending or correcting the Federal Constitution of Malaysia so that the permission of both parents rather than just one of the parents is required before a child can be converted.

Of course, when we say converted here it means converted out of or into Islam.

The G25 does not care two hoots if you convert from Hinduism to Christianity or leave religion totally to become an atheist.

You can even pray to a giant teapot as far as the G25 is concerned just as along as it does not involve Muslims or converts to Islam.

Now let me get this very clear.

According to the DAP-led Pakatan Harapan, which the G25 supports wholeheartedly, Malaysia is a secular state.

That is what the DAP and its minions in Pakatan Harapan insist.

So, if Malaysia is a secular state and not a theocratic state, what business is it of the government in the first place what religion my children follow?

Is that not something that Islamic State, ISIS, ISIL, Boko Haram, the Taliban, etc., would get so kaypoh (busy body) about?

So, first of all the G25 needs to tell us whether Malaysia is a Secular State (like the DAP-led Pakatan Harapan says it is) or whether Malaysia is an Islamic State. If Malaysia is a Secular State then the government has no business interfering in matters concerning religion (such as the religion of our children) and if Malaysia is an Islamic State then PAS is correct in pushing for Hudud.

The G25 appears to want both.

They want Malaysia to become a secular state and at the same time tell Muslims what they can and cannot do.

Why is the G25 so concerned about the religion of our children?

Okay, maybe a Muslim couple divorces and one parent converts his or her child or children into or out of Islam.

The G25 wants both parents to agree to this before their child or children can be converted into or out of Islam.

Why, in the first place, do they want to convert their children into Islam?

I mean the father and mother may be Muslims and the mother gives birth to a child or children.

Then some moron somewhere fills in that child’s or those children’s birth certificate and enters ‘Islam’ in the religion column.

From that day on that child or those children are locked or trapped in Islam.

Did that one-day-old child ask to become a Muslim?

Who are you to decide that that child has to become a Muslim?

Until that child is 18, he or she cannot leave Islam because the parents or one of the parents decided that the child is a Muslim.

Is that called justice, which the G25 claims it is fighting for?

It is like when a man who is a black slave marries a woman who is also a black slave and their child is born into slavery.

The black child slave becomes the property of the slave owner and the slave owner can do what he likes with that child.

So, if a man who is a Muslim marries a woman who is also a Muslim then their child is born into Islam and becomes a slave of the system.

The child cannot leave Islam and if the parents get divorced, and if one parent were to leave Islam, it becomes a very messy affair indeed.

Is not forcing a one-day-old child to become a Muslim and then for the next 18 years you brainwash and indoctrinate that child to become a ‘good’ Muslim a form of child abuse and violation of human rights?

Then when the child becomes a terrorist you refuse to accept responsibility for turning your child into a zealot or fanatic.

In the first place a law should be passed to prohibit people from forcing religion onto minors.

The child cannot vote or drive a car or get married or own a gun until he or she is of age.

So that child should be allowed to decide whether to believe in God and follow a religion only when he or she is of age as well.

The child is not old enough to vote or drive a car or get married or own a gun and yet he or she is old enough to have a religion.

This applies to all religions.

Why force your child to believe in statues and ancestor worshiping and force them to go to church or to a temple?

Just because you believe in all that nonsense does not mean you have the right to force others to also believe in it even if it is your own child.

After that they will all grow up into adults and fight about which religion is the true religion and which is the false religion and kill each other about all the nonsense they have been taught as they were growing up.

The G25 has to get its priorities right.

If there was no religion there would not be any problems regarding religion and you would not need to fight to amend or correct the Federal Constitution.

Leave the children alone and stop brainwashing and indoctrinating them into believing in nonsense.

Then you G25 morons can go and concentrate on something more important … Read More

Source: Malaysia Today

Raja Petra Kamarudin or RPK, cousin to the Selangor Sultan, is one of Malaysia's earliest online 'citizen journalists'. He started his website in 1995 before the internet 'explosion' triggered by the Reformasi movement in September 1998. Malaysia Today was launched as a blog in August 2004 and is one of the few pioneer blogs still active and posting articles on a daily basis 24-7. RPK, 66 years old, has been writing since 1990.