Fortify country’s resilience, Najib tells civil servants

 |Feb 6, 2017
Photo from Najib Razak Facebook page
Photo from Najib Razak Facebook page

Civil servants are reminded on the importance of strengthening the country’s resilience in order to face external factors that can affect the economy.

Prime Minister Najib Razak extended his message to the civil servants during the Prime Minister’s Department monthly assembly at Putrajaya, today highlighted that “the World Bank anticipated that this year’s world economy would be better than 2016, external elements could have an impact on a country’s growth”

“That is why we need to strengthen our national resilience to face uncertainties. We need to focus and continue working on our strengths so that the economy can continue to enjoy growth even with external impact,” Najib added.

The World Bank has anticipated that global economy will grow 3.4% this year compared to 3.15% in 2016.

Najib said that among the fundamentals that can contribute to national resilience is the effective and on-time implementation of government projects, programmes and aid to the people, The Star Online reported.

“These are fundamental factors that we can control. That is why I want 2017 to be the year of delivery because these are the things that can not only spur economic growth but also ensure the well-being of the people,” he said.

Najib also called for civil servants to break away from being territorial and working in isolation.

“There is no single ministry or agency project which does not involve others. So to ensure we reach the effectiveness that I have been talking about, we need to work together, with each other and as a team,” he stressed.