For Mahathir, Gani, Zeti & Abu Kassim are upright citizens

 |Aug 25, 2016
For Mahathir, Abu Kassim, Zeti and Gani Patail are "upright persons" for they had served his interests well.
For Mahathir, Abu Kassim, Zeti and Gani Patail are “upright persons” for they had served his interests well.

I remember back in 1998 when the Anwarinas alleged that Anwar Ibrahim had been fixed up on fabricated charges.

Anwar’s lawyers also alleged that certain people were threatened (one was even threatened with a death sentence, said a prominent lawyer in his Affidavit) if they did not become a prosecution witness and testify against Anwar Ibrahim.

The man who was using this method to gain a conviction against Anwar was no other than the then prosecutor, Abdul Gani Patail, who was later rewarded with the post of Attorney General for serving Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s interest.

The Federal Court appears to have agreed with this allegation of trial-rigging when it acquitted Anwar on Sep 2, 2004 on grounds that the prosecution (meaning Gani) had failed to prove Anwar’s guilt.

In short, Gani would assassinate anyone who Mahathir wants assassinated and he does not care what laws he needs to break and what crimes he needs to commit to achieve what Mahathir wants.

Gani served Mahathir all the way from September 1998 to July 2015.

After July 2015 when he was removed as the Attorney General, he continued to serve Mahathir and is still serving Mahathir until today.

Basically, Gani is Mahathir’s attack dog who will be let loose on anyone Mahathir wants eliminated.

Gani Patail and Abu Kassim have loyally served Mahathir.
Gani Patail and Abu Kassim have loyally served Mahathir.

Gani’s fellow attack dog is Abu Kassim Mohamed, as it is natural for attack dogs to work in a pack.

Lawyer Rosli Dahlan found out the hard way what happens when you cross Gani and Abu Kassim.

These are the people who Mahathir said two days ago are ‘upright’ people.

Mahathir has a very weird interpretation of ‘upright’.

Gani and Abu Kassim are as upright as Bentong Kali and Botak Chin.

In fact, I was told that Botak Chin at least had certain principles that many people admired and who was regarded as a sort of Robin Hood by many Chinese.

Can you imagine people considering Botak Chin a better person than Gani and Abu Kassim?

But then that is the reality and how can people not think so when Gani and Abu Kassim put even Satan to shame?

Mahathir’s interpretation of upright is certainly very strange.

To the Rulers, Mahathir is just like dirt at the bottom of their shoes.
To the Rulers, Mahathir is just like dirt at the bottom of their shoes.

Let me assure you that the Rulers who Mahathir is depending on to sack Prime Minister Najib Razak do not think much of the old man.

To the Rulers, Mahathir is just like dirt at the bottom of their shoes.

Today, HRH the Sultan of Johor spoke his mind about Mahathir.

Well, a number of Rulers also said some very nasty things about Mahathir, although not openly like the Johor Sultan.

One Ruler even personally told me, “Save Malaysia from who? From Mahathir? Why don’t Najib just arrest Mahathir and send him to jail where he can rot and die?”

Yes, those are the Rulers whom Mahathir is so desperately trying to meet so that he can ask them to sack Najib.

The Rulers have never forgotten what Mahathir did to them 25 years ago.

That was why today Mahathir posted that ‘apology’ in his blog.

He is hoping that by saying he was wrong 25 years ago the Rulers might invite him to tea.

The question is will the Rulers even bother to attend Mahathir’s funeral when he dies? … Read More

Source: Malaysia Today

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