Follow SOP when conducting special raids – Ex-IGP

 |Oct 21, 2016
Former IGP Musa reminds cops to follow the SOPs to ensure better integrity and professionalism.
Former IGP Musa reminds cops to follow the SOPs to ensure better integrity and professionalism.

Former Inspector General of Police (IGP) Musa Hassan has reminded the police force to strictly adhere to the standard operating procedures (SOP) when conducting any special raids.

He was commenting on an incident which took place against a doctor attached to Serdang Hospital for wrongfully detained during a raid by elite police squad.

“In any raid the police have to follow SOP by identifying themselves as police officers.

“If SOP followed this wouldn’t have happened.

“As an elite force they wore blavacava if they did not identify themselves people might fear that they are also robbers,” Musa told Malaysia Outlook when contacted.

The incident took place at a food outlet within Serdang Hospital compound around 9.30 pm on Oct 7.

Musa stressed that the doctor as a victim has lodged a police report and they should conduct an investigation over the matter.

He even questioned whether the elite squad was wearing any apparel that signified to show they are policemen or even at least displaying the ‘police’ word behind their vest.

To avoid such incidents to happen again, Musa suggested that the elite squad should wear apparels that will display the police crest as a way to identify themselves when carrying a raid.

Musa, who is also the Malaysian Community Crime Care Association (MCCC) chairman suggested that it would be fair for IGP Khalid Abu Bakar to apologise over the incident furthermore the doctor’s father is a senior police officer in Bukit Aman.

Health minister S Subramaniam when visiting the Serdang Hospital yesterday highlighted that the police should have carried their operations in a more professional manner as to avoid any undesired circumstances to take place.

The Serdang Hospital doctor Thanendran claimed that the elite squad did not alert properly when they did the ambush.

However, IGP Khalid defended that his men did alerted the crowd before performing the raid.

Khalid regretted over the incident but refused to apologise.