Floods worsen in Kelantan, Terengganu

Jan 21, 2017
The floods have returned to Kelantan and Terengganu, Photo from Info Banjir Kelantan
The floods have returned to Kelantan and Terengganu, Photo from Info Banjir Kelantan Facebook page

The floods have worsened in Kelantan, requiring the evacuation of 3,232 people in seven districts as at 8am today, up from 527 last night.

The evacuees, from 866 families, are being housed at 35 relief centres in the districts of Kota Bahru, Pasir Mas, Pasir Puteh, Bachok, Machang, Tanah Merah, and Tumpat, according to the ‘infobanjir’ application of the Social Welfare Department.

The data on the number of evacuees, families and relief centres is as

Kota Bahru – 1,345 evacuees from 341 families at 10 relief centres.

Pasir Mas – 688 evacuees from 185 families at 13 relief centres.

Pasir Puteh – 632 evacuees from 180 families at six relief centres.

Bachok – 295 evacuees from 86 families at one relief centre.

Machang – 101 evacuees from 28 families at one relief centre.

Tanah Merah – 99 evacuees from 27 families at three relief centres.

Tumpat – 72 evacuees from 19 families at one relief centre.

The Kelantan state government portal http://ebanjir.kelantan.gov.my reported that the level of Sungai Golok at Rantau Panjang was 9.95 metres at 8am, above the warning point of nine metres.

Meanwhile, the number of flood victims in Terengganu as at 9am stands at 1,432, compared to 194 last night.

Malaysian Civil Defence Force state director, Lieutenant Col Che Adam A Rahman said 35 evacuation centres were opened in two districts, Besut and Setiu.

“In Besut, 25 evacuation centres were opened to accommodate 1,098 people from 322 families.

“In Setiu, 10 centres were opened for 334 victims from 68 families,” he said in a statement.

The Drainage and Irrigation Department in its website, publicinfobanjir.water.gov.my, reported that three rivers in Terengganu as at 9am today had exceeded the danger level.

Two of the rivers, in Setiu, are Sungai Nerus in Kampung Langkap, at 22.54 metres, above the danger level of 21.50m and Sungai Chalok in Jambatan Chalok, at 9.60m, above the danger level of 8.40m.

In Hulu Terengganu, Sungai Telemong in Kuala Ping recorded a rise to 21.16m from 20.00m.

Sungai Berang in Kampung Menerong also in Hulu Terengganu recorded a rise to 24.12m, above the 23.80m warning level.

In Dungun, Sungai Dungun in Kuala Jengai has risen to 19.53m, exceeding the 19.50m alert level.

In Besut, two reading stations in Sungai Besut recorded a rise of 20.17m compared to the alert level of 19.80m in Kampung La while in Jambatan Keruak, the level was 19.53m, above the alert level of 19.50m. –Bernama