Family requests not to distribute photos of Saleem Iklim in hospital

 |Jul 6, 2017
Pic sourced from the Internet.

KUALA LUMPUR: The family of singer Saleem, whose real name is A. M. Salim Abdul Majeed, of the rock band Iklim, is requesting the public, artistes and the media, to not distribute or make viral photographs of the singer, who is being treated at a hospital due to high fever, in his current condition.

The singer’s stepdaughter, who requested to be identified only as Iera Fakira, said the family is saddened by the action of some quarters in having viralled photographs of  Saleem in such a condition.

“It is true my father has been admitted to Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Hospital (HUKM) for high fever, but please do not viral photographs of him in that condition. Please pray for my father’s health,” she told Bernama here yesterday.

She said Saleem, whose popular songs included “Suci Dalam Debu”, was down with high fever since June 23 and had been to several hospitals for treatment before he was admitted to HUKM on Tuesday.

“His condition is stable now, but still weak and needs to be monitored,” she added. – Bernama