Fake news war on Malaysia

Jan 24, 2017
Malaysia Premier Najib Razak (left) and US President Donald Trump.
Malaysia Premier Najib Razak (left) and US President Donald Trump.

Najib must take a leaf from Trump’s playbook and sic his boys on the fake-news dog whistlers

The liberal English media on both sides of the Atlantic have thrown everything and the kitchen sink at Donald Trump, including a false ‘dossier’ reproduced in its entirety by the deplorable BuzzFeed – a pop portal largely owned by NBC Universal.

Irredeemable and extreme, the left-wing press are conducting dirty warfare against “not my president-Trump” and casting aside any pretence at professionalism and objectivity.

They’re no longer journos but keyboard warriors battling to the death The Donald and Trumpism.

Likewise our liberal local media is waging a war of attrition against Najib Razak, Umno, Malaysia and Islam.

As if badmouthing the country at every turn were not enough, our deplorable left-wing press would stoop so low as creating fake news just to paint Malaysia in a negative light.

On Wednesday Jan 18, faux news provider Free Malaysia Today carried an item titled ‘Local grads only as good as Danish high school dropouts’.

Predictably and on cue, Dapsters responded to the dog whistle and came running out in packs to howl at what a basket case Malaysia has become due to its purported “failed” education system.

Then the portal had to redact its story and say sorry after a public outcry.

“There you go. Prof. Pritchett never said anything remotely close to what FMT suggested. And you know why? Because he has never done a study on Malaysia in the first place to compare,” posted prominent Facebooker Lukman Sheriff, calling out the portal’s fabricated news.

It’s an Anglo thing … like WMDs

Fake news is not only inaccurate reporting but the publication of outright dishonest reports.



CNN, as one example, earned itself the moniker ‘Counterfeit News Network‘ for its consistently lopsided and out-of-context coverage of Donald Trump’s election campaign.

The newly minted American president had in fact named and shamed CNN – also referred to as the ‘Clinton News Network’ – for its relentless hatchet jobs against the Hillary political opponents.

“You are fake news,” Trump berated the “rude” CNN representative at his first press conference after winning the presidency.

Pursuing its vendetta, the cable news network is now going after The Prez’s children.

As another example, The Washington Post too has been slammed in relation to its false allegations against perfectly legitimate political websites.

The nerve of the WaPo to accuse other media outlets of publishing fake news when this Jeff Bezos-owned liberal propaganda platform itself had recently become one of the chief offenders against truthful reporting.

Little wonder then that the credibility of American mainstream media (plus The Guardian in the UK) has sunk to rock bottom.

Lack of trust in their media translated to voters in the USA choosing to ignore the endless screed by pro-Clinton political hacks, especially the ones exposed by the Wikileaks Podesta e-mail cache.

In the face of daily mudslinging from the left-wing press against him, the electorate still picked Trump regardless.

US Media


Another big name displaying a disgraceful slant is the British Broadcasting Corporation.

It is hardly any surprise that the BBC has been bestowed the nickname ‘Bollocks and Bullshit Corporation‘, and why segments of the British public are clamouring for the company to be defunded (deprived of government grants).

The BBC recently provided a case study of how media will sneakily try to manipulate public opinion.

Writing in Haaretz, Michael Laitman discussed the Beeb’s treatment of three separate terrorist attacks carried out in a very similar fashion, i.e. driving trucks into a crowd of pedestrians.

Laitman, in his Jan 17 newspaper column ‘The truth about fake news‘, highlighted how BBC had reported the third incident in Jerusalem, Israel very differently from the first two in Nice, France and Berlin, Germany respectively.

Observe the differing headline/standfirst that BBC Breaking News gave to each of the three attacks:

  • France
    Nice attack: At least 84 killed by lorry at Bastille Day celebrations / At least 84 people have been killed, including more than 10 children, after a lorry slammed through a crowd celebrating Bastille Day in the southern French city of Nice
  • Germany
    Berlin Breitscheidplatz: Lorry kills 12 at Christmas market / An articulated lorry has ploughed into a busy Christmas market in the heart of Berlin, killing 12 people and injuring 48
  • Israel
    Jerusalem lorry attack: Four Israeli soldiers killed / Driver of lorry shot in Jerusalem after allegedly ramming pedestrians, injuring at least 15, Israeli media report

(a) With regard to the attack in France, the BBC headline points its finger at the steel vehicle – a bad, evil lorry – for killing 84 people.

(b) With regard to the attack in Germany, BBC again says an “articulated lorry” (??!) – a lean, mean killer machine evidently – murdered 12 people.

(c) However with regard to the attack in Israel, BBC humanises the lorry driver as the victim instead, saying the poor man was shot dead by Israeli soldiers.

Fake News

In France and Germany, lorry runs amok

In Israel, soldiers kill lorry driver… That’s the BBC for you.

While saying in its France and Germany reports that lorries wantonly killed people (a bizarre statement on vehicular artificial intelligence), the BBC in its Israel repost said the lorry driver “allegedly” rammmed pedestrians.

Why the necessity of inserting an “alleged” disclaimer when it comes to Israel coverage?

Did BBC mean that it was not sure whether the lorry had actually run over anybody in Jerusalem or whether the alleged incident had ever really occurred?

Note also the second disclaimer by BBC attributing to “Israeli media” its report of the attack in Jerusalem.

BBC was distancing itself from the Israel piece of news by one remove, unlike its direct approach to the French and German news.

The BBC’s fudging above demonstrates how liberal media wage either a sub rosa, or for some, an overt war against the state of Israel; otherwise known as “the Tel Aviv regime” by countries that don’t recognise the Jewish nation.

What we can take away from the biased behaviour of Western media is that the so-called journalism fraternity is quite prepared to wage a media war against a much despised – and in their eyes, pariah – country.

In Malaysia, some of the liberal reporters are willing to wage a dirty war against their own country.

They’re militant oppositionists camouflaging themselves as journalists.

Fake News

Furthering the opposition agenda

The offending Free Malaysia Today headline was later amended to ‘Rote learning a bane in tertiary education, Harvard professor warns‘ but the damage was already done.

Whatever FMT claims to have been intended, the url link to the article maintains its original headline.

To spread the disinformation wider, news aggregator Says.com picked up on the FMT report for its own readership — headlining it ‘Harvard prof. said Malaysian graduates are on the same level as Danish high school dropouts‘.

This is well and dandy should the content of FMT‘s online ‘news’ accurately reflect what was conveyed by its accompanying headline.

Unfortunately it did not.

The original report of Jan 18 included the following paragraph:
“Citing a recent research on literacy among Indonesian students, which among others found their level to be similar to junior high school dropouts in Denmark, Harvard professor Lant Pritchett said he feared the same could be true with Malaysia if its schools failed to prepare students for university-level education.The reason is because students leave primary school without mastering the subjects and the same with secondary (school students). By the time they reach the tertiary (level), they are left far behind,’ he told FMT.”

Dapsters shared the disparagement (of our university standards) galore on social media and the typical bashing spree ensued.

Two days later on Friday Jan 20, the portal published an erratum headlined ‘Harvard professor clarifies report on local grads‘ which, among others clarified that Prof. Pritchett never made any study leading to the conclusion that Malaysian graduates were akin to Danish school dropouts.

In its correction, FMT also explained that the professor had merely raised concerns of a worrying trend he observed in Indonesia where he did his research.

The distortion as reluctantly summarised by the portal editor(s):
“Professor Lant Pritchett, who was one of the speakers at the Asia Public Policy Forum 2017, organised by Harvard Kennedy School and the Jeffrey Cheah Institute of Southeast Asia, said he had mentioned that he had no data on Malaysia and as such his statements could not be construed as saying anything about Malaysia”.

FMT was clearly caught with its pants down peddling fake news that, needless to say, was happily lapped up by the Dapsters.

It’s high time the Najib administration follow Trump’s trailblazing move and take – and break – the lying liberal media by its horns. – Tanjak