Failure of E-card programme blamed on stubborn employers

Jul 1, 2017
Employers have been stubborn in coming forward to register their illegal foreign workers for the E-card programme, said Mustafar. Photo by Malay Mail Online

Employers’ stubbornness to come forward and  register their illegal foreign workers for the ‘Enforcement Card’ (E-Card) did not achieve the targeted response.

Immigration director-general Mustafar Ali said only 23% or 161,056 illegal foreign workers had been registered until 10pm, which is two hours from the final registration deadline at 12am.

He said it involved 28,375 employers with 145,571 E-Cards issued, much lower than the original target of 600,000 illegal workers.

“Is the programme a failure? Is that the only number of illegals out there … we think
the programme was not successful because of the employers’ stubbornness to register.

“We have given ample time since Feb 15, even announcements were made in the media to enable employers to do the appropriate thing but it did not have the expected response,” he told reporters after inspecting the registration operation before the deadline ended at the Immigration headquarters in Putrajaya yesterday.

In this regard, Mustafar reminded employers and illegal workers  not to blame the Immigration and Home Ministry if action is taken against them for failing to make use of the opportunity given to them. –Bernama