Ex-MACC director Bahri should come clean

 |Jan 24, 2017
Bahri Mohamad Zain.
Bahri Mohamad Zain.

Former anti-graft director Bahri Mohamad Zain is back on limelight.

But this time he has been alleged for abusing his power while holding a high position in the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC).

Previously his statements on SRC International probe were welcomed by the opposition.

The outspoken ways of Bahri made opposition to jump over the moon trying to implicate Prime Minister Najib Razak’s with the SRC case.

However, they failed to implicate him and only manage to spin the tales.

But, in a latest twist, Bahri has been accused of abusing power while in office.

Last Friday at a press conference, Noraihan Che Ali (Bahri’s brother-in-law’s widow) stated that her home in Kelantan was raided by a group of MACC special operation officers then headed by Bahri.

Noraihan revealed that the Putrajaya MACC’s officers presence were there to probe and ransacked her home, seizing some important documents related to her business.

Two police reports were lodged against him alleging to have abused power to stifle investigations into a police report lodged against Bahri’s second wife.

Not to forget, Bahri was in a high position to fight the nation’s corruption and abuse of power.

But the latest revelation by Noraihan, put him back in the spotlight amid quitting the post recently.

The public seems to be carried away believing everything in his words when portraying the image as a man with strong religion faith and using religious quotes in all his statements.

Did he do that to conceal his alleged misdeeds while he was holding power and portray as a clean man that sincerely combat corruption?

Now it’s time to put our thinking cap whether to believe his statements made during the SRC International case.

His accusation not only could tarnish his reputation but also indirectly affects MACC’s integrity.

Since the police have submitted the investigation papers to the Attorney-General Chambers (AGC), MACC should also conduct an internal investigation on it.

Surely accusation of a top anti-graft officials abusing power when holding office is not a small matter.

This matter interests the public and the truth should not be concealed.

One bad apple should not spoil the whole basket.

A person should uphold his own integrity before pointing fingers on others.

And Bahri should come clean on this matter sooner than later.

Ramani has been a writer and analyst for the past 10 years believes in fair news reporting.