Ex-MACC director Bahri accused of abusing power

 |Jan 20, 2017
Kolej Islam Sains Teknologi (Kist) director Noraihan Che Ali (left) showing the police report made against Bahri and lawyer Ahmad Zaharil Muhayar (right)
Kolej Islam Sains Teknologi (Kist) director Noraihan Che Ali (left) showing the police report made against Bahri and lawyer Ahmad Zaharil Muhayar (right)

The police have been urged to probe on two reports made early 2016 alleging the abuse of power by former anti-graft special operations director Bahri Mohamad Zin sending his men to raid Kolej Islam Sains Teknologi (Kist) director Noraihan Che Ali’s house.

Speaking to reporters at a hotel in Subang Jaya, Noraihan said a team from the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission special operations unit raided her house in Kuala Lumpur on January 18, 2016.

Bahri’s wife was allegedly implicated in a dispute over a will left by her late brother, Zamri Abdullah, who was the former president of Kist.

Noraihan also confirmed that Bahri’s second wife Noor Haslina Abdullah is another director in Kist.

“When the officers from MACC arrived at my house, they did not mention who sent them.

“But when pressured they said it is an order from their boss and I assumed it must be an order from Bahri.

“They took away documents pertaining to the college, business registration including our driving school business documents and also land titles were missing,” claimed Noraihan.

She added that during the raid, laptops and mobile phone belonging to her late husband Zamri was confiscated.

It is believed that Bahri’s wife was adamant not to give Noraihan any money and had asked Bahri to send his men from MACC Putrajaya to raid Noraihan’s home and office to deny her any access to the deceased’s business documents.

The action prompted Noraihan to lodge a police report against both Bahri and Haslina in Kota Bharu on the February, 21 2016 at the Kota Bharu police station.

However, the police did not take any action.

Subsequently, Noraihan lodged second police report against Bahri and Haslina, at the Presint 7 police station in Putrajaya on the 1st of March 2016.

This matter was first exposed by Malaysia Today portal with an article ‘Did Bahri resign because of his abuse of power?’ on Jan 4, 2017.

“In fact I wanted to call off today’s press conference as I have been receiving threatening calls from some people.

“I want the police and MACC to seriously look into my two police reports made previously.

“I need justice, as for now without the documents it’s a bit difficult to run my business,” added Noraihan.

Meanwhile, Noraihan’s lawyer Ahmad Zaharil Muhayar questioned whether MACC has the powers to intervene any family tussle?

“It looks like Bahri when holding his position abused his power by sending his men to raid and take away documents.

“By right any family tussle should be contested in a court and in a legal manner.

“The MACC took away the documents and it’s been almost a year the probe yet to be completed.

“What sort of investigation are they conducting?” Zaharil added.