Ex-IGP Musa Hassan must prove his innocence

 |Dec 22, 2016
Former IGP Musa Hassan must prove his innocence, says RPK.
Former IGP Musa Hassan must prove his innocence, says RPK.

The ex-IGP Musa Hassan held a press conference today and has given me two weeks to retract my allegation that he was involved in the Sodomy 2 case that saw Anwar Ibrahim convicted and jailed.

I will wait for his lawyer’s letter to see what it says before I will decide how to respond to that demand or whether I will even bother to respond.

After all, Musa has been proven to have lied so many times in the past.

Hence this denial that he was involved in Sodomy 2 could just be one more of many lies.

So let’s see what his lawyer says first.

One fact that cannot be denied is that Musa was the IGP from 2006 to 2010 while Anwar’s Sodomy 2 case was in 2008.

That means the whole thing happened during Musa’s watch.

So, if Musa was really not involved in Sodomy 2 then he would have to prove it.

Once Musa shows us the evidence and if the evidence proves that he was right and I am wrong I will not hesitate to tender my apology.

I know that normally the law works on the premise of innocent until proven guilty.

But then this is not always the case.

Onus on Musa

For example, Prime Minister Najib Razak is accused to stealing RM42 billion of 1MDB’s money and it was also alleged that RM2.6 billion of that was transferred to his personal bank account.

At first Najib kept quiet and did not respond and Mahathir Mohamad and the Pakatuns said that since Najib kept quiet that must mean he was guilty.

If he is innocent then he cannot keep quiet, he must respond.

So Najib responded by denying the allegation (just like what Musa is doing now) and they said that a mere denial is not enough.

If Najib is really innocent then he must prove it.

Najib will need to show the evidence to prove he was innocent of the allegation that he stole RM42 billion of 1MDB’s money.

So can you see how the system works?

If you are innocent you must prove it.

You must show the evidence.

Even the prime minister has been told to show the evidence that he was innocent if he really was innocent.

If not then he will be presumed guilty.

A mere denial is not good enough.

So who is Musa compared to Najib?

Musa is just an insignificant retired police officer.

If Mahathir and the Pakatuns can demand that the prime minister prove his innocence with tangible evidence, then why should Musa exempted from doing the same?

As one out of hundreds of retired police officers is Musa above the prime minister?

Well, at least Musa confirmed that Najib is not behind Sodomy 2.

But then that is something we already knew so I suppose he could not say anything else other than that.

But Musa did not explain DSP Mohd Rodwan Mohd Yusof’s role in this whole thing.

That is a very crucial element in this whole thing, which we will talk about later.

Ezam Nor once claimed he had six boxes of documents to prove former Premier Mahathir's wrongdoings. But now he has joined Mahathir's Pribumi.
Ezam Nor once claimed he had six boxes of documents to prove former Premier Mahathir’s wrongdoings. But now he has joined Mahathir’s Pribumi.

Ezam’s allegations

I do not know whether any of you remember PKR Youth Leader, Mohamad Ezam Mohd Nor, who said he has six boxes of evidence of Mahathir’s misdeeds and transgressions.

Ezam said that the evidence in those six boxes is enough to put Mahathir away for more than 100 years.

Ezam also revealed that Mahathir used RM1 billion of Petronas’s money to bail out his son (Mahathir’s son, not Ezam’s son) and many more.

Anyway, this was what Pemuda PKR, which Ezam used to head, said on Jan 11, 2001 just before Ezam was detained for two years –
Pada 28hb Disember 2000 yang lalu, iaitu pada Hari Raya Aidilfitri yang kedua, Ummi Hafilda telah menghubungi tiga orang pegawai kanan polis untuk menyampaikan ucapan Selamat Hari Raya. Perbualan telefon ini berlaku di sebelah petang hari berkenaan. Pegawai pertama yang dihubungi ialah ASP Zulkifli Mohamed. Menurut Ummi, ASP Zulkifli dalam nada yang kesal menyatakan kekecewaannya kerana beliau seorang sahaja yang belum dinaikkan pangkat walaupun telah bertungkus lumus membantu Musa Hassan dan Rodwan (Yusof) untuk mengaibkan dan memfitnah Saudara Anwar Ibrahim sedangkan Musa Hassan dan Rodwan masing-masing telah menerima habuan kerana menyempurnakan arahan Mahathir.

Now, this was published almost 16 years ago on Jan 11, 2001 when Ezam was PKR’s youth leader.

That posting is still on the internet.

Musa never denied that allegation and neither has he asked his lawyers to act against it.

Musa Hassan became IGP at the expense of Ramli Yusuff (left).
Musa Hassan became IGP at the expense of Ramli Yusuff (left).

Musa Hassan, not Ramli Yusuff, IGP

In fact, that allegation was made in 2001 and, five years later, Musa was promoted to IGP.

Ezam said that Musa’s promotion was to reward him for fixing up Anwar.

In fact, the trial judge even commented that the witnesses are lying.

However, the judge later said even though the witnesses may have not told the whole truth he still finds Anwar guilty on grounds that Anwar failed to prove his innocence.

So there you go again: Anwar was sent to jail not because they found him guilty but because he failed to prove his innocence (just like Musa now failed to prove his innocence that he fixed up Anwar on Sodomy 2).

Anyway, Anwar appealed the verdict and the Federal Court freed him on Sept 2, 2004 on grounds that the prosecution (and we are talking about Gani Patail here) failed to prove Anwar’s guilt.

So the Federal Court agreed that the trial judge was wrong and that Anwar’s guilt was not proven.

Ramli Yusuff should have been the IGP but Musa and Gani got rid of him on fabricated charges of corruption

By the time Sodomy 2 happened in 2008, Musa was already the IGP (2006) while Gani was the AG (2002).

Many say that Musa should not have been made the IGP and instead it should have been Ramli Yusuff.

However, Ramli was conveniently suspended on the allegation of corruption.

Strangely, though, Ramli was never charged for the crime of corruption.

Instead he was charged for the crime of not declaring his assets.

Ramli then engaged Rosli Dahlan as his lawyer and they managed to prove that Ramli had, in fact, already declared all this assets plus had also declared where his assets had come from.

During one of the court hearings, the judge even commented that Musa was not a reliable witness (meaning he is not telling the truth).

Ramli, of course, won his case (as did Rosli who was arrested and charged for abetting Ramli when all he did was act as Ramli’s lawyer).

Honey trap

Anyway, back to the Sodomy 2 case.

On Jan 27, 2015, Malaysiakini reported, “Saiful had the luxury to make phone calls to former IGP Musa Hassan and met former Malacca police chief Mohd Rodwan Mohd Yusof Rodwan – both were Anwar’s enemies.”

Yes, Rodwan Yusof, who was involved in Sodomy 1, was also involved in Sodomy 2.

In 2008, Malaysia Today reported that Rodwan met Saiful (the sodomy victim) in a hotel room in the Concord Hotel Kuala Lumpur two days before the sodomy crime was supposed to have been committed.

Malaysia Today even mentioned the time of the meeting plus the room number.

Yes, the meeting between Rodwan and Saiful was held before and not after the sodomy crime was committed.

What the late Lee Kuan Yew said was very important.

Lee Kuan Yew said that Anwar is a victim of a honey trap.

In America this would be called a sting operation.

In other words, Anwar may have buggered Saiful, but he was baited into doing so.

That means they knew that Anwar would bugger Saiful so they sent Saiful to meet Anwar so that Anwar would bugger him.

This does not mean Anwar is innocent, of course.

It just means Anwar was set up.

They used Saiful as bait knowing that Anwar would take the bait.

Once Anwar took the bait the trap closed around him.

Even Lee Kuan Yew knew this and said so: that Anwar is a victim of a honey trap.

Saiful (right) was the bait to catch Anwar in a honey trap.
Saiful (right) was the bait to catch Anwar in a honey trap.

By the way, the person who informed me about the meeting between Rodwan and Saiful in the Concord Hotel two days before Anwar buggered Saiful was one of Daim Zainuddin’s buddies and business partners.

Does Musa want to know who that is?

I am sure Musa knows that Daim is linked to Mahathir and how would Daim know about this meeting unless Mahathir informed him about it?

So there you have it.

Musa may rant, rave, protest and scream that he had nothing to do with Sodomy 2.

The evidence, however, seems to prove otherwise.

If, however, Musa has evidence that can prove me wrong then I will be most happy to apologise to him.

I will even do it personally face-to-face and shake his hand.

But then there is that other allegation about Musa being linked to the underworld Chinese crime syndicate.

There are about six or seven Affidavits signed by police officers and underworld bosses alleging Musa’s links, one affidavit from his own ADC who alleged that the underworld decided on police transfers and promotions.

Malaysia Today published copies of all these affidavits and until today Musa never denied them.

Does Musa want to hold a press conference regarding those allegations as well? – Malaysia Today

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