End political polarisation for a better Malaysia,says Raja Sara Petra

 |Sep 20, 2016
Raja Sara Petra wishes there is an end to racism and extremism.
Raja Sara Petra wishes there is an end to racism and extremism.

As today marks the 18th anniversary of the ‘Refomasi’ movement, daughter of prominent political blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin said she is hoping for a strong foundation of a better Malaysia without racism and extremism.

In her statement on Tuesday, Raja Sara Petra said when the ‘Refomasi’ movement “exploded” in 1998, she was just 10 years old and “did not really understand what was going on”.

“As a toddler, I did not realise the political chaos that took place following Anwar Ibrahim’s (former deputy prime minister) arrest.

‘”It was not until three years later when my father (Raja Petra) was detained in my presence that I grasped the implications of what was happening in our country,” the statement reads.

Raja Sara said after eight years, the authorities had re-arrested her father and detained him for the second time in Kamunting.

” I did not see why our family had to suffer for the sake of other Malaysians who did not even  bother if my father lived or died.

” However, today when I see what is happening in Malaysia with a better understanding, I realise why my father had suffered a broken heart and felt betrayed.

” You just need to scan the Internet and the social media to comprehend it,” she said in the statement.

Raja Sara said every citizen wanted a better Malaysia and not an old wine in a new bottle.

She cited that first Malaysian premier Tunku Abdul Rahman died with a broken heart and hopes that similar situation does not occur with Raja Petra.

” I wish to see an end to racism, discrimination, religious intolerance and extremism.

“That is the foundation of a better Malaysia and that is what Malaysians must for,” she said.

The “Refomasi” was a protest movement that began in September 1998 throughout Malaysia initiated by Anwar after his sacking as Deputy Prime Minister.

He was sacked by the country’s then Prime Minister, Mahathir Mohamad.

The movement started off as a political campaign calling for the resignation of Mahathir, Malaysia’s longest serving Prime Minister and the end of corruption and cronyism allegedly associated with the government of the day.

The “Reformasi’s” foudation and aim was to end Mahathirism.

Priya Pubalan has been a journalist for the past three years and counting. She believes in human equality, law and justice. She thinks capitalism should be abolished and mankind should give importance to education.