End of days of Lim Dynasty could just be around the corner

 |Mar 14, 2017
The mass resignation of party members in Malacca can potentially be the catalyst for the eventual collapse of Lim Dynasty.

The mass resignations of three state assemblyman and a MP followed by 182 other members from Malacca DAP in past one month showed the party grassroots loss of faith and confidence in the party leadership helmed by the Lim Dynasty.

When the four elected representatives – Kota Melaka MP Sim Tong Him, Duyong assemblyman Goh Leong San, Bachang assemblyman Lim Jak Wong and Kesidang assemblyman Chin Choon Seong, quitted the party last month, they cited their “loss of confidence” on the Lim Dynasty as the main reason.

They expressed disappointment on the deviation of their leaders, especially Lim Kit Siang and his son Guan Eng, for sharing the same stage with Mahathir Mohamad – the country’s fourth premier who ruled for 22 years.

They blamed Mahathir as the root cause for most of the country’s ills today, hence could not stomach the sight of Lim father and son sitting side by side with the former premier.

They rightly felt slighted by the power craze of the Lim father and son.

Kit Siang joined DAP in 1966 and became its national organising secretary before assuming the post of secretary-general in 1969.

Since then until today, he has been venting about Malaysia becoming a failed state.

His voice was the loudest when Mahathir was helming the country’s leadership.

Kit Siang actually wrote 30 books, of which majority condemned Mahathir’s rule.

In his books, Kit Siang loathed at Mahathir’s hardline rule.

Kit Siang, among many others, was a victim of Mahathir’s iron-fisted rule.

He was detained under the now repealed the Internal Security Act (ISA).

But Kit Siang and other DAP leaders now seem have forgotten about their ISA ordeal, and this has irked the party grassroots.

The shocker was that Kit Siang, who seems to have a short term memory loss, now had claimed that the opposition needed the former premier to save Malaysia.

No one knows for sure why the people needed Mahathir to save Malaysia.

But many seem to agree that the people actually should save Malaysia from Mahathir and Kit Siang.

Kit Siang has also issued thousands of press statements portraying Mahathir as a demon, racist and father of corruption.

The DAP veteran was a full blast when he derided Mahathir’s administration over the infamous BMF and the Bank Negara forex scandals.

He even wrote a book – The Scandals of Scandals, about the two scandals.

Kit Siang was screaming against the scandals and called on for the government to establish a Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) to investigate the forex scandal.

He was demanding for the RCI even in the last general election held in 2013.

But now after sharing the same platform with Mahathir supposedly to “save Malaysia”, he doesn’t want to speak about these scandals at all.

Party members, however, can’t talk about the “transformation” of the Lims’, fearing witch-hunting by the dominant Lim Dynasty.

“If you were to voice out dissatisfaction or question the party leadership on certain decisions, you will be sidelined and isolated from the party,” said a party insider.

Many grassroots members have voiced out their concern about the party’s collaboration with Mahathir.

But all their views and warnings fell on the deaf ears of the Lim Dynasty.

Both Lim father and son went ahead with their ‘Mahathir’ agenda even though party grassroots were irked by it.

Party grassroots were also unhappy with Guan Eng’s bungalow-gate scandal.

But their demand for Guan Eng to go on leave was waved away by the Lim Dynasty.

Currently, the Lims’ main agenda is to use Mahathir to fish the Malay votes for the DAP-led opposition bloc.

Previously he used Anwar but now Mahathir.

The Lim Dynasty has formed and sponsored Amanah, a breakaway party from PAS formed by a splinter group headed by Mohamad Sabu, better known as Mat Sabu.

Amanah was supposed to be the Islamic mascot of the DAP-led Pakatan Harapan coalition.

But DAP’s Amanah experiment has so far proved to be a failure.

Kit Siang thought Mahathir could do the trick to attract the Malays voters.

But this attempt too proved to be a failure so far.

Kit Siang thought that the Mahathir-led Pribumi could trigger an exodus of Umno grassroots leaders and members to join the opposition bloc.

Kit Siang planned to use Mahathir and other Malays to woo the Malay voters.

But to his disappointment, the plan not only did not materialise, it never even took off.

All these strategic failures, plus exodus of members, could just be the beginning of an end of days for the Lim Dynasty.

Time will tell.

Murali is a contributor to MO. He advocates the principle of practising human rights with responsibility.