Duterte names politicians, judges allegedly involved in drugs

Aug 7, 2016



Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte on Sunday identified more than 150 politicians, judges and members of law enforcement agencies allegedly involved in the illegal drugs trade.

Duterte said that while the involvement of the some officials might not be true, he was making public their names because it was his  “sworn duty.”

“It’s very important for the people to know the state of things, of conditions in this country,” he said in a speech early Sunday at a military camp in the southern city of Davao.

“This is not personal to me,” he added. “I am not your enemy. I don’t have ill feelings toward you. But I am angry now.”

The list included eight judges, more than 50 incumbent and former mayors, vice mayors, governors and congressmen as well as 95 police officers, soldiers and jail guards.

Durterte ordered those on the list to surrender within 24 hours.

“Or else, I will order the entire armed forces of the Philippines to hunt you,” he warned.

Since Duterte took office on June 30, nearly 500 suspects have been killed in his administration’s anti-drug campaign.

Most of them were killed by police allegedly because they fought back when arrested, while others were suspected to have been killed by vigilante groups or rival drug gangs.

Human rights groups have condemned the killings and urged Duterte to take steps to ensure that the rights of suspects are respected and that the rule of law is upheld, while cracking down on illegal drugs.

Source: DPA